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“Stay At Home, Culture is Between Your Hands”Program



Ministry of Culture

Tomorrow is the first day of the Holy Month of Ramadan and there are a lot of things in store for us. The television shows that are to commence tomorrow are looking quite promising which is why this is one of the only reasons why people are excited for Ramadan.

This year, 2020 has left us shocked due to the coronavirus pandemic that has taken over the word. For safety precautions, we are to maintain social distancing which is why this Ramadan, we won’t be able to celebrate it the usual day with family gatherings or even having Iftar outside at some restaurant.

On the other hand, Inas Abdel Dayem, Egypt’s Minister of Culture, has officially announced the Ramadan Agenda with the theme of “Stay At Home, Culture is Between Your Hands.”

She has stressed on the importance of contributing to social media platforms in hopes of getting people to feel positive and productive all the way from home, regardless of what the situations are not only in our country, but on a global scale.

So to celebrate the Holy month of Ramadan, a digital agenda has been catered to your needs that will be broadcasted on the official Ministry of Culture page on Youtube as well as other social media platforms. The agenda will include a series of competitions and activities that will help cultivate all ages of the Egyptian culture. There will also be activities and prizes for children of younger age.

Another main reason behind this initiative is to preserve the Egyptian identity be stressing on the importance of creativity in the process of building human beings. For those who are hoping to get into their spiritual status, you will be capable of benefiting from spiritual evenings of Ramadan.

Supreme Council of Culture

A series of one on one meetings with intellectuals from all over the arab world will be filling you in on all you need to know regarding knowledge and culture. What’s interesting about this program in specific is that this will fall uder the program called “Read with Us” and will also be featuring important intellectuals from Egypt of course as well as alestine, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and lastly Jordan.

Egyptian National Library and Archives

We are quite sure that there are several people who enjoy reading about historical moments throughout history in hopes of cultivating themselves. Which is why, for that specific purpose, the Egyptian National Library and Archives have prepared a program that will show you the historical documents from the procedures going on through the Holy month of Ramadan.

Also, they have prepared both cultural and religious competitions for the younger generations such as from the age of 9 to 12 that falls under the title “A Question Everyday”. This is in collaboration with the Children’s Literature Research Center which is why it will be properly constructed. The competition will commence from the first of Ramadan until the 27th whereas, on a daily basis, a question will be published on the account of the center on Facebook.

General Egyptian Book Organization

We know there are many people out there who are killing their time reading books because they are huge founds of wandering off in their minds and learning more about several topics. Which is why, Haitham al-Hag, the head of the General Egyptian Book Organization is providing you with books that you have to read.

The program will include rare and intricate seminars regarding art, literature pioneers, and though in general. They will also bring hosts that were involved with Cairo’s international Book Fair. If you’re interested, head to the Egyptian Ministry Culture’s website.

Egyptian Opera House

The magnificent Opera House has graced us with numerous spiritual evenings that will include Sufism plays, Arab Music Ensembles, and the Cairo Opera Orchestra. The head of the Opera House, Magdy Saber, claims that it will be a wonderful journey for all. The best is that a number of Opera Stars will be joining this interesting program,!

The National Center for Theater, Music and Folklore

Music, Theater, and Folklore are one of the main branches of art as a whole. Which is why, the National Center for Theater, Music, and Folklore are releasing a series of episodes under the title “Helwa Beladi” in hopes of addressing as well as highlighting a group of folk art pioneers.

The Egyptian Film Center

Through the entire quarantine, we’ve all been stuck to screens trying to watch and keep up with movies. With that said, Egypt’s Film Center will be providing yet again rare documents about the historical events as well as Egypt’s infamous icons that has formed the modern history that is today.

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Mounir to Perform at Cairo Opera House As Cultural Events Resume Mid-July




Egypt’s cultural activities will return in min-July with a 25% capacity in all facilities, the ministry of culture announced.

The ministry has already planned out for its comeback with renowned singer Mohamed Mounir set to perform the venue’s first concert after reopening.

Cultural events will return after being suspended for three months in light of the pandemic. Now, we’re about to be entertained once again but with all precautionary measures taken.

Minister of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem assured that all facilities will adhere to precautionary measures against the coronavirus.

In a statement, Abdel Dayem said that the resumption of cultural activities indicates Egypt’s ability to face challenges and cope with the virus.

She further explained that the 25% capacity will be enforced to all facilities and all measures will be taken, which includes applying social distancing and providing audiences with an educational guide to maintain public safety.

A committee will also be formed under the supervision of the ministry, to follow up on the implementation of these procedures at all cultural facilities.

The reopening decision includes all museums which are under the Ministry of Culture’s supervision, Cairo Opera House, art exhibitions, national circus shows, theatres, and cultural and intellectual evenings.

Mounir’s concert will be held on July 17th and is the artists first performance at the Cairo Opera House in 15 years!


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Gouna Film Festival Will Be Pushed One Month From Its Official Date




Organizers of the Gouna Film Festival Just announced on their official Instagram page that the festival will be postponed this year for a month, in light of the pandemic.

The fourth edition of the festival which was supposed to kick off in September, has been pushed to the 23rd of October.

According to their announcement, their decision comes in response to the challenging circumstances that is facing all film festivals because of the pandemic.

The decision also comes with the intention to maintain the safety of all guests, workers and the audience.

View this post on Instagram

Stay Dreaming! Responding to the challenging circumstances that all international film festivals are facing, with the intention to support the industry in the tough times and deliver a safe festival experience to its guests… #GFF20 dates have been postponed a month later than initially planned, the 4th edition will now run from Oct. 23 to 31, 2020 in @elgounaredsea ; following the global health and safety measures. More details to be announced soon. Stay Tuned and #StayDreaming تحسبا للظروف الصعبة التي تواجهها المهرجانات السينمائية العالمية، و لغرض الإستمرار في دعم الصناعة وإقامة دورة آمنة وناجحة من أجل ضيوفنا وجماهيرنا الأعزاء، قرر مهرجان الجونة السينمائي أن يعدل مواعيد إقامة دورته الرابعة، لتصبح في الفترة ما بين 23 – 31 أكتوبر/تشرين الأول 2020 في مدينة الجونة. تابعونا لمزيد من التفاصيل.

A post shared by El Gouna Film Festival (@elgounafilmfestivalofficial) on

“Stay Dreaming! Responding to the challenging circumstances that all international film festivals are facing, with the intention to support the industry in the tough times and deliver a safe festival experience to its guests… GFF20 dates have been postponed a month later than initially planned, the 4th edition will now run from Oct. 23 to 31, 2020 in @elgounaredsea ; following the global health and safety measures. More details to be announced soon. Stay Tuned and #StayDreaming.” The announcement read.

One of the highlights of the fourth edition is that the festival will be the first public event hosted at the site of Gouna Conference and Culture Centre (GCCC), featuring an architectural design of 8000-square-meter-wide open space, providing a unique and spacious atmosphere for a new cultural and cinematic experience.

“We are in constant dialogue with the key industry players and other international film festivals to study how film festivals may adapt to the current situation and continue to play their roles in developing the industry regionally and internationally. Our team participated in the virtual Marche du Film, not only to meet sales agents and producers to source their films, but also to study the experience of a digital-only film market. Furthermore, the members of the team will be attending the Fall festivals to bring to the region the best and newest crop of films” the co-founder and COO of the festival Bushra Rozza commented.

We might have to wait a bit longer this time but we’re positive that it’ll be worth it at the end.

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Cairokee Fans’ Music Video Will Give You Guaranteed Chills




Cairokee fans got some hidden talents! The whole thing started off with an idea to make an editorial shoot which turned into a creative and emotional music video.

View this post on Instagram

_________________ Cairokee – Ghammad Einak Remix (Music Video) For every direction you take, a pattern, unique in its own way, is formed, your true strength lies within your mind and how well you control it. . ‎.لكل اتجاه تتخذه، يتشكل نمط فريد من نوعه، قوتك فى عقلك و مدى تحكمك فيه —————————————————————————————————— Music By: @cairokee Production Services By: Director/DOP: @yousseftayehphotography Creative Director/Assistant Director: @marwanfouad Talent: @ilindaalim Line Producer: @bess.franco Editor: Khaled El Morshedy Colorist: @mahmoudissam_ Cameraman: @mhmdmac Focus Puller: @omarabdelhamed Stylist: @ranalinaa Makeup Artist: @glamby_nourhan Gaffer: Mohamed Eissa Choreography: @nadamohamedomar

A post shared by Linda Alim (@ilindaalim) on

“2020 felt like the year to get back to what I love most and since the pandemic is here, I guess it’ll just be an extra challenge. This shoot was a complete thrill, we had time, an amazing talented team that wanted to create something special. I wanted to do a new editorial shoot to push through and get back properly to modeling especially in Egypt as it’s been a dream to do so in my home country” says Linda.”

Currently our life situation wasn’t normal and every person was experiencing a tough moment, I called Marwan Fouad (creative director) co-founder of because I wanted to do a new editorial shoot for my modelling account. I told him let’s do something indirectly regarding Covid-19 and how one’s persons life has been affected in that period. Also knowing there is curfews and would be best if we film something at home.

Marwan Fouad was the one who chose Ghamad Einak Remix specifically from Cairokee’s latest online live show as it suited the concept exactly the way he shaped it. Moving forward Marwan Fouad called Tamer Hashem regarding the project and Tamer was very supportive and excited for the idea and he talked to rest of Cairokee members and they gave us the approval! We instantly started working on how we can execute this the best way we could.

Marwan transformed the whole idea from an editorial shoot into creating a music video. The song and lyrics has put all the pieces together. Especially that the lyrics and mood of the song can relate to every persons struggles and life in their daily basis .. and I think it did touch a lot of people and even made more sense during the tough period that we’re all facing now.” Linda says. Marwan shaped the concept to match Linda’s personality perfectly. This gave her a huge push to be able to express herself and deliver what’s needed.

So with the help of her amazing talented team they got to create something special! Linda and Marwan gathered people that they knew they will add something remarkable. Everyone did his part perfectly starting from the concept Marwan Fouad to styling by Linda’s sister Ranalinaa which was a huge part of the project to be there by her side, a flawless line producer Bess Franco and Nada Mohamed Omar for the amazing choreography, making Linda able to express herself naturally and Nour Barbari with her perfect makeup.

“This wouldn’t have turned to what it is without the DOP/ directors eyes @yousseftayeh, who exactly executed the project how all imagined and even beyond! I thank the whole team pre-production, shooting day and post; for putting so much effort and time into this and turning it into a masterpiece!” Says Linda.

After the release Linda had a talk with Tamer Hashem the famous Cairokee drummer and he was very happy and content with the video and he liked the feedback from the people. ‘Cairokee’ was very welcoming and very supportive with the idea of making the music video for their masterpiece Ghamad Einak. Felt like a proud moment for all. “Am very happy and satisfied that I got the chance to co- produce and perform for one of my favorite bands” says Linda.

“The support was insane from everyone, I am forever thankful. Thank you Cairokee for supporting the idea, your song made it perfect!” Says Linda.


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