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“Stay At Home, Culture is Between Your Hands”Program



Ministry of Culture

Tomorrow is the first day of the Holy Month of Ramadan and there are a lot of things in store for us. The television shows that are to commence tomorrow are looking quite promising which is why this is one of the only reasons why people are excited for Ramadan.

This year, 2020 has left us shocked due to the coronavirus pandemic that has taken over the word. For safety precautions, we are to maintain social distancing which is why this Ramadan, we won’t be able to celebrate it the usual day with family gatherings or even having Iftar outside at some restaurant.

On the other hand, Inas Abdel Dayem, Egypt’s Minister of Culture, has officially announced the Ramadan Agenda with the theme of “Stay At Home, Culture is Between Your Hands.”

She has stressed on the importance of contributing to social media platforms in hopes of getting people to feel positive and productive all the way from home, regardless of what the situations are not only in our country, but on a global scale.

So to celebrate the Holy month of Ramadan, a digital agenda has been catered to your needs that will be broadcasted on the official Ministry of Culture page on Youtube as well as other social media platforms. The agenda will include a series of competitions and activities that will help cultivate all ages of the Egyptian culture. There will also be activities and prizes for children of younger age.

Another main reason behind this initiative is to preserve the Egyptian identity be stressing on the importance of creativity in the process of building human beings. For those who are hoping to get into their spiritual status, you will be capable of benefiting from spiritual evenings of Ramadan.

Supreme Council of Culture

A series of one on one meetings with intellectuals from all over the arab world will be filling you in on all you need to know regarding knowledge and culture. What’s interesting about this program in specific is that this will fall uder the program called “Read with Us” and will also be featuring important intellectuals from Egypt of course as well as alestine, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and lastly Jordan.

Egyptian National Library and Archives

We are quite sure that there are several people who enjoy reading about historical moments throughout history in hopes of cultivating themselves. Which is why, for that specific purpose, the Egyptian National Library and Archives have prepared a program that will show you the historical documents from the procedures going on through the Holy month of Ramadan.

Also, they have prepared both cultural and religious competitions for the younger generations such as from the age of 9 to 12 that falls under the title “A Question Everyday”. This is in collaboration with the Children’s Literature Research Center which is why it will be properly constructed. The competition will commence from the first of Ramadan until the 27th whereas, on a daily basis, a question will be published on the account of the center on Facebook.

General Egyptian Book Organization

We know there are many people out there who are killing their time reading books because they are huge founds of wandering off in their minds and learning more about several topics. Which is why, Haitham al-Hag, the head of the General Egyptian Book Organization is providing you with books that you have to read.

The program will include rare and intricate seminars regarding art, literature pioneers, and though in general. They will also bring hosts that were involved with Cairo’s international Book Fair. If you’re interested, head to the Egyptian Ministry Culture’s website.

Egyptian Opera House

The magnificent Opera House has graced us with numerous spiritual evenings that will include Sufism plays, Arab Music Ensembles, and the Cairo Opera Orchestra. The head of the Opera House, Magdy Saber, claims that it will be a wonderful journey for all. The best is that a number of Opera Stars will be joining this interesting program,!

The National Center for Theater, Music and Folklore

Music, Theater, and Folklore are one of the main branches of art as a whole. Which is why, the National Center for Theater, Music, and Folklore are releasing a series of episodes under the title “Helwa Beladi” in hopes of addressing as well as highlighting a group of folk art pioneers.

The Egyptian Film Center

Through the entire quarantine, we’ve all been stuck to screens trying to watch and keep up with movies. With that said, Egypt’s Film Center will be providing yet again rare documents about the historical events as well as Egypt’s infamous icons that has formed the modern history that is today.

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The Online Entertainment Calendar Brought to You By The Ministry of Culture




We know Eid this year isn’t the same as every year but thanks to the Ministry of Culture, they will keep as much entertained as they possibly can with the following program.

  • The Virtual tours of museums and exhibitions will carry on.
  • The Ministry of Culture’s publications, translations of international prints, and rare national historical documents will all be available for downloading and reading.


Eid al-Fitr celebrations will being at 2 p.m. on the first day of Eid al-Fitr and will continue throughout the entire Eid holiday, the program includes the following:

A number of shows of the National Circus for Children at 2 p.m.

“Start Your Dream to be the International Actor” project at 8:30 p.m.

Concerts for the stars Assi el-Hallani – Wael Jassar and Kazem el-Saher at 9 p.m.

The play “Lolli”, directed by Murad Munir, and starring Mohammed el-Helw, Faiza Kamal, Ahmed Maher, Sami al-Adl and Aisha al-Kilani.

The play “Seret Hob”, directed by Adel Abdo and starring Ehab Fahmy, Magdy Sobhi and Marwa Nagy.

The play “El Khalta El Sehreya Lel Sa’ada” [The Magic Mixture of Happiness], directed by Shadi el-Dali and starring Fatma Mohammed Ali – Mohammed Hefzy and Fahd Ibrahim at 10:30 p.m.

Selected episodes of “Fawazeer Cinema Egypt” [Cinema Masr Riddles] at 6 p.m.

The Eid program is part of the ministry’s Stay At Home. Culture Is Between Your Hands” initiative that started long ago with the crisis of coronavirus, the initiative has kept us both entertained and informed these past months.

Visit the Ministry’s official YouTube channel for all the entertainment programs that await you this Eid or check out their free cultural services provided by the official website of the ministry.

Happy Eid everyone! Remember stay safe and stay home.

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Great Show El Ekhteyar Is Nearing the End and We Can’t Handle It




For those of you watching the incredible series ‘El Ekhteyar’ and I’m sure we are a lot! Embrace yourself because the upcoming episodes will witness the final stage in the life of the great hero Mansy.

Episode 25 witnessed already the transfer of ate great Ahmed el-Mansy (Amir Karara) and his men to El-Barth village in Rafah, following several terrorists who moved there.

This has of course led Mansy and his brave men to follow their lead, to rid us of these terrorists. El-Barth was the place of their martyrdom and so we’re very near to the end so hold your tissues!

After all, the show really highlighted the dark terrorists’ principals, thoughts and ideas that are based on blood, betrayal, and opportunism.

We’re absolutely loving and enjoying every second of the series that managed in just 25 days, to remind us of the deep love we have for our beloved country and appreciate the army even more.

We’re certainly not ready to say goodbye yet but we’ll forever be thankful for the chance to follow this heroic journey.

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Trailers Dropped For the Ramadan 2020 Shows That Survived the Pandemic




Trailers Dropped For the Ramadan 2020 Shows That Survived the Pandemic

Usually, this time of the year marks our anticipation for Ramadan shows and what this year holds of promising dramas, but with everything happening, we started to question whether or not our ritual has unfortunately come to an end.

With the spread of the coronavirus, we were quite anxious that most shows won’t be able to carry on with their shoots especially with the large number of crew members.

However! We were quite excited to see a number of teasers and trailers being shared by our favorite celebrities, so rest assured everyone, the entertainment will go on with the following shows!

Laebt El Nesyan

Dina El Sherbiny posted the trailer of her new Ramadan series on April 6th, and looks like we’re going to witness another thriller just like her previous one ‘Zay El Shams.’ We can’t wait!

Soltanet El Moezz

Starring Ghada Abdel Razek, the actress dropped the trailer of her Ramadan show 2 weeks ago and it looks quite promising. Judging from the title, many thought it was going to be a historical show but after watching the trailer, we were shown quite the opposite.

El Ekhtyar

Pandemic or not, ain’t nothing gonna stop Amir Karara! The series is based on a true story about a military officer who lost his life for the sake of his country.

This behind the scenes shot also looks promising.

El Prince

Actor and singer Mohamed Ramadan also dropped the trailer of his upcoming Ramadan show and already people have been judging it and expecting it to be another show similar to his previous ones. But we can’t wait to see and judge ourselves!

100 Wesh

Now this is duo, Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin, is everything we were looking for this Ramadan! Nelly Karim takes on a role different than previous ones and we sure will be tuning in to this one.

El Fatwa

View this post on Instagram

الاعلان الرسمي لمسلسل الفتوه 2020 #احمد_السقا #احمد_عز #كريم_عبدالعزيز #محمد_رمضان #امير_كرارة #محمد_امام #عمرو_يوسف #اسر_ياسين #الفتوة #رمضان_2020 #ياسر_جلال #مي_عمر #احمد_صلاح_حسني #نجلاء_بدر #هنادي_مهنا #احمد_خالد_صالح #رياض_الخولي #مها_نصار #محمود_حافظ #مجدي_فكري #عادل_الفار #ليلى_زاهر #احمد_خليل #حسين_المنباوي #رحيم #لمس_اكتاف #لمس_أكتاف #ظل_الرئيس @hanisarhan @maiomar_ @ahmedsalahhosny @naglaabadr_official @lailaazaherr11 @tamermursi @synergy.tamermursi @alhayah1tv @ghofranofficial @mahanassarofficial

A post shared by Yasser Galal _ ياسر جلال (@yassergalaloficial) on

The trailer was dropped a few day ago on Yasser Galal’s official Instagram page, Mai Omar will be starring alongside Galal this year, will they make a great duo? Let’s wait and see!

Leh Neheb Tany

Yasmine Abdel Aziz is making a comeback and this time starring alongside Karim Fahmy, a duo we can’t wait to see together. We are also quite excited about seeing Sherif Mounir back on screen.

Tell us which show are you most excited about and which ones will you be watching this Ramadan!

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