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Dina Rashed: Meet Egypt’s Angelic Face



Dina Rashed’s name became a brand for elite professional makeup in Egypt. Many of your favorite artists’ looks have Dina Rashed’s signature on them, also she is extremely popular with new brides who want to look extravagant on their big night with the help of Dina’s touch. However, the young artists’ favorite face is Egyptian sweetheart Ghada Adel.

We met up with Dina and delved into a lot of interesting topics. She even shared some beauty secrets with us. Dina is married and has a beautiful five year old daughter. Though she’s a working mom with lots of responsibilities, she never gave up her romantic character, which reflects onto her make up as well. For her, makeup should always highlight the beauty of the face and give it a dreamy angelic look.

Dina Rashed is all for simple natural makeup. To maintain this natural look, Dina suggests lipstick, mascara and a nude eye for everyday make up, instead of a full face with smokey or bold eyes, which you should consider only during special occasions.

With the huge impact of social media on our lives today, online makeup tutorials are becoming more and more in, but are they really beneficial? We asked and Dina answered: “They can teach girls how to apply makeup, but they will not help you become a professional makeup artist. You need to take specialized courses to learn the fundamentals of makeup application”.

When we asked Dina about whether Egyptian men like makeup or not, unlike what may cross your head, the answer was shocking! Out of experience, Dina found out that ”Egyptian men truly hate makeup, so you’d better try to stay as natural as possible, maybe use a little concealer to hide any dark circles. Some blush and pink lipstick would do”. Harsh makeup is always a “ No” for Dina Rashed.

And the golden advice from Dina Rashed to all What’s Up Cairo followers is:

Girls! When wearing makeup , you should STOP doing the following:

1. Stop trying to whiten your face. It’s a problem in Egypt.

2. Stop adding countless layers of makeup to your face, it won’t make the makeup look better.

3. Stop caring so much about makeup and start taking more care of your skin.

“Healthy skin is the key to a fresh makeup look”

Check out What’s Up Cairo video with the famous Egyptian makeup artist Dina Rashed for more interesting details!


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Health & Beauty

Kim Kardashian Launches New Make-up Collection Inspired From Her Wedding Look




Kim Kardashian is launching a new bridal make-up collection, and the inspiration for this collection comes from her own wedding look.

Kim is joining forces with her long-time friend and make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic. Together, they are creating the Mrs. West Collection, which includes a pretty palette of eye-shadows, highlighters, rosy blush, a lipstick, lip pencil and a gloss. 


Fans have been eager to own this collection, ever since the news first broke in February.

Basically, with the Kardashian’s make-up kit, brides to be can now easily recreate her entire wedding look!

The Mrs. West KKW Beauty collection will launch tomorrow on the 24th of May, and to make things more special, this date also happens to be Kim and Kanye’s five-year wedding anniversary.


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Health & Beauty

Mother’s day: Home workouts for the mommies



Happy Mother’s Day !!

Fit-holics Fitness Club is collaborating with Whatsup cairo to share weekly workout plans for the mommies to enhance their fitness level, strength & endurance and to help them burn calories, and reshape.
Here are 4 simple and effective exercises for the mommies who have no time for training.

1st exercise is ( Shoulder tap )
3 sets .. 15 reps each set.

2nd exercise is ( plank)
3 sets 20 seconds each set.

3rd exercise is ( Bridge)
3 sets 15 reps each set.

4th exercise is ( Chair Squat)
3 sets 15 reps each set.

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Health & Beauty

Mind-Blowing Health Tips




We always hear about tips with regards to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sleep early, wake up early, exercise…, etc. But there are other tips which may sound like they’re not truethey are. And we have compiled six of them for you!


  1. Drink coffee before you nap. At first this may sound crazy. Why would I drink coffee if I want to sleep?! The fact is, drinking a cup of coffee before a 20-minute nap will help you become more alert once you wake up, because 20 minutes is roughly the time needed for the effect of coffee to start to kick in.
  2. Eat more so you can eat less. It sounds crazy! But no! Eating more in the sense of grabbing a nutritious meal/snack instead of a cracker as a snack, because a cracker, for example, would lead you to feel more inclined to eat as it would increase your appetite. Try instead to have an apple along with some peanut butter.
  3. If you’re too tired, don’t go for Redbull! The idea here is that though Redbull sound like the wises option, it would rather cause unpleasant side effects such as irritability and anxiety, due to its high levels of caffeine.
  4. If hot, drink hot! It makes sense–wait for it. In India, people are used to drinking a hot beverage during the hot weather, because a cup of tea, for example, would lead a person to produce more sweat, and that sweat eventually evaporates and cools off the body.
  5. If exhausted, go for a run! The idea here is that exercising energizes your fatigue and reduces depression and changes your mood.
  6. Don’t type. Write. Though typing your notes would allow for more space and room for huge amount of data, writing them down would actually be a better alternative, because it would lead you to memorize that which you’ve written down.
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