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Different Types of People During Quarantine



Quarantine life has reveled our true faces! For some, It has brought out their hidden talents while for others, it’s just their ordinary introverty life! One thing for sure is that there are different types of people in the quarantine life and below are some of them!

The Introvert

The one who actually considers quarantine as the best excuse ever not to go out! They’re the ones relieved and are happy that staying at home has become a mandatory thing to do.
No more giving excuses as not to go out, no more worrying about answering a call and have someone ask them out.

The One Who’s Always Sleeping

Sleeping has always been their guilty pleasure, now it’s a way for them to pass time and they couldn’t be more grateful for the gift of more time to sleep. They’re the ones who basically do everything now from the comfort of their bed, whether eating, studying or working. New rule is, nothing is now worth getting up for!

The One Who Sneaks Out At Night

They’re the outgoing type and staying at home doesn’t suit them one bit! They’re active and has so much energy stored in them, and if it weren’t for their parents’ strict order, they would be out there doing anything but staying at home.
This kind is the one that imposes the most danger, because they’re most likely to try and sneak out at night.

The Productive One

This type isn’t that common because they’re the ones keen on not wasting any of their time. They’re constantly trying to find new hobbies, new activities and ways to spend their time.
Most probably they’re the ones sharing posts on how this whole coronavirus thing has given us the gift of time.

The Anti-Productive

It’s working/ studying from home but this kind has gotten it completely wrong! They’re acting as if it’s a long vacation, they’re the ones praying for exams to be canceled and if they don’t, they’re pretty much in a huge trouble.

The Eat Your Boredom Away Type

While most of us are eating more than the usual, they’re already the type who eats a lot and the quarantine just gave them a great excuse to eat even more! They also find comfort cooking and trying new recipes, not as a hobby but merely to satisfy their buds.

Now, which type did you relate to the most?


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Ministry of Culture Considers Throwing Events At Cairo Opera House




Cairo Opera House

For those of you longing for some outdoor activities and for events to take place once again, the Ministry of Culture is working hard on grating your wishes very soon.

The Ministry of Culture is currently preparing a study on the possibility of holding events in the open spaces of the Cairo Opera House, to be able to carry on with the cultural program while still maintaining the necessary precautionary guidelines.

According to Culture Minister Enas Abdel Dayem, it’s quite important to throw artistic and cultural events as they benefit the public taste and spread awareness regarding community issues.

But then of course, all precautionary measures and safety guidelines will be maintained to ensure the safety of artists, employees and the general public.

Abdel Dayem recently held a meeting with President of the Opera House Magdy Saber, followed by another meeting with head of the Cultural Production Sector Khaled Galal, head of the Artistic House Ismail Mokhtar and others to go over several projects that will take place once this horrific pandemic is over and life goes back to normal.

Abdel Dayem also added that new theater productions will showcase the stories of the armed forces, the police, and medical professionals and their efforts to combat coronavirus, in a sincere way of expressing gratitude.

We really can’t wait for life and activities to go back to the way they were and we have faith in the Ministry’s efforts in keeping us positive during this tough time.

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Number of Coronavirus Cases Expected to Hit A Peak in 2 Weeks




According to a presidential advisor, Egypt will hit a peak of coronavirus infections in two weeks while another hypothetical model reviewed by the Minister of Scientific Research is suggesting that Egypt may start to record lower number of cases starting June 7th.

During the International Virtual Conference of Tanta University on Wednesday, Presidential Advisor for Health Affairs Mohamed Tag El-Din urged all institutions to join their forces against the novel COVID-19 virus.

The conference “Scientific Research Confronting COVID-19 and Future of the World after this Pandemic” ended on Thursday and discussed several stages of the virus.

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Khaled Abdel Ghaffar stated earlier this month that cases might reach an estimate of 20K by May 28th and then gradually record lower numbers starting June 7th.

Just yesterday, Egypt recorded its highest number of coronavirus cases ever reaching more than 1,000 cases in just one day and 29 deaths.

Starting tomorrow, curfew regulations will be eased but we urge all citizens that with the expected peak to remain at home. Safe and sound.


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The Online Entertainment Calendar Brought to You By The Ministry of Culture




We know Eid this year isn’t the same as every year but thanks to the Ministry of Culture, they will keep as much entertained as they possibly can with the following program.

  • The Virtual tours of museums and exhibitions will carry on.
  • The Ministry of Culture’s publications, translations of international prints, and rare national historical documents will all be available for downloading and reading.


Eid al-Fitr celebrations will being at 2 p.m. on the first day of Eid al-Fitr and will continue throughout the entire Eid holiday, the program includes the following:

A number of shows of the National Circus for Children at 2 p.m.

“Start Your Dream to be the International Actor” project at 8:30 p.m.

Concerts for the stars Assi el-Hallani – Wael Jassar and Kazem el-Saher at 9 p.m.

The play “Lolli”, directed by Murad Munir, and starring Mohammed el-Helw, Faiza Kamal, Ahmed Maher, Sami al-Adl and Aisha al-Kilani.

The play “Seret Hob”, directed by Adel Abdo and starring Ehab Fahmy, Magdy Sobhi and Marwa Nagy.

The play “El Khalta El Sehreya Lel Sa’ada” [The Magic Mixture of Happiness], directed by Shadi el-Dali and starring Fatma Mohammed Ali – Mohammed Hefzy and Fahd Ibrahim at 10:30 p.m.

Selected episodes of “Fawazeer Cinema Egypt” [Cinema Masr Riddles] at 6 p.m.

The Eid program is part of the ministry’s Stay At Home. Culture Is Between Your Hands” initiative that started long ago with the crisis of coronavirus, the initiative has kept us both entertained and informed these past months.

Visit the Ministry’s official YouTube channel for all the entertainment programs that await you this Eid or check out their free cultural services provided by the official website of the ministry.

Happy Eid everyone! Remember stay safe and stay home.

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