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Daring, Dashing, Different Norine Farah 



Meet Egyptian furious fashion designer Norine Farah. Behind the delicate figure and childish smile, hides a daring mind that has come to change. This simple, easy going Alexandrian girl is determined to change the fashion scene in Egypt and she got the brains for it. She is a strong woman calling all strong daring women to join her different lady-like fashion world. Yet such a unique character does usual thing like we all do; she drinks Nescafe while working, hangs around Sequoia and more details she revealed to what’s up Cairo in this spontaneous interview.

Work Vs Personal life

For such an ambitious person like Norine, work becomes her top priority. We asked her how her work affected her personal life. She said wisely: “work has affected my life big time in both positive and negative ways. The positive thing about my work is that I get to meet new people all the time, new relations, and I make new friends. The negative part is that many times, I reach home, turn off my mobile phone on put it on silent mode. Because of work sometimes I feel like I don’t have the power or time to see friends and hang out with them like I used to before. But In general, defiantly work has changed me to the better. My character has changed, and I have more experience dealing with people and the world.

Social Media

Norine is young, very active, trendy, successful lady, so it was very important to ask her about her social media interaction. It was really shocking that Norine Farah is not really into social media! But , she got her own point of view which we totally respect. As for Norine she thinks that :” social media take over people’s lives. They start to care more about which photo to post, and how they will look like in the photo, and I feel I’m way more of a fresh person, I’m not filtered.” However Norine is not totally disconnected, she uses Facebook to keep in touch with friends abroad, and Instagram for her work.

Fashion mistakes we need to stop making Now!

We asked Norine about most common fashion mistakes girls should stop making, and she answered immediately:

1. Neon, Neon, and Neon stop wearing Neon, because its neon!!!

2. Leggings, if the shape of your body doesn’t encourage wearing leggings, them don’t. II you wear leggings try to match it with a long top.

3. Too much glitter is not really trendy. It’s trendy with a cool cut or design, but if it looks more of seventies look, then it’s a “No” for me.

Golden Advice

Norine said that her daily challenge is that all her clients come with the same request:” I want to be the prettiest one in the wedding party”. So, Norine has to design a piece that fits the shape of body and also please her client. Why? Because Norine believes if any woman is happy with how she looks in a dress, she will walk with confidence, and then she will feel that she is the prettiest of all. So, Norine’s Farah golden advice is “Confidence”. If you are confident, you will feel beautiful from inside and it will show on the outside.

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Cuero: Combining Fine Leather With Authenticity




Cuero is a new born brand based in Egypt that has just opened the first foot wear boutique in Galleria40 in Sheikh Zayed, the brand offers a distinctive line of fashion that includes a wide range of shoes suitable for all occasions.

The word Cuero in Spanish means leather, their factory is based in Turkey which gives their shoes a Turkish quality but their designs are inspired from Italian and Spanish ones.

The brand celebrated the opening of their boutique on Monday, a night that perfectly showcased the uniqueness of the brand and in what way they aim to position themselves.

The event was even attended by a number of celebrities who were quite impressed with the quality of their shoes, and its distinctive designs.

The boutique certainly gives customers welcoming vibes, and their fancy products are actually at an affordable price that give customers the most value for their money.

We have been there, we have seen it, and let us tell you, not only was the evening charming and musical but also proved that an Egyptian brand can indeed compete with international ones.

Their guaranteed quality of the finest leather and materials put them at the top, and they are committed to manufacturing and importing the best quality that were evident in each pair of their shoes.

Their wide range includes, classical, semi casual and casual shoes. Different ranges, but one thing remains, is the quality and authentic designs.


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Wedding Season: Fashion Tips For Wedding Newbies




Behold for wedding season is upon us and with invitation pilling up and wedding guests are eager to plan their outfits for the summer nuptials ahead, nobody is safe from killer mistakes!

Choosing what to wear can be hectic regardless of your role at the wedding, if you’re a close person then you will want to look your very best and if you’re not that close, you will want to wear just the right amount of glam to not attract much attention.

Now to help you with this dilemma, we have listed some popular tips on how to avoid a wedding day disaster and actually enjoy the wedding, which is the reason you’re going in the first place, right?

1- Don’t Wear White

While some brides are now cool with others wearing white, some are so still not! If you’re close enough to the bride, then you most probably know whether or not she applies this rule. If you’re not that close, then go with the safer option of not wearing white because trust me it is like a cardinal sin of weddings and by far the biggest mistake that can be made by a wedding guest

2- Don’t Upstage the Bride

Again, the safest option is going for a simple dress that won’t attract unnecessary attention that might be diverted from the bride, I know weddings are a great chance to look your best and treat yourself to a fancy dress but try to not go overboard. Prom dresses, maxi gowns with a train and multi-coloured sequins that scream look at me are best avoided.

3- Wear Comfy Shoes

What are you there for? Pictures or fun? Because if it’s for the pictures, then this tip is definitely not for you. Weddings are a great chance to unleash the party animal and dance maniac in you! So when you let loose, you better be doing it in comfy shoes.

You can always get a pair of white sneakers with you, and change into them after pictures time is over.

4- Recycle Outfits Using Accessories

If you are looking for an extra glam without diverting the attention from the bride, then your best shot is to invest in accessories. Also, accessories is a great way to avoid breaking your bank account, because you can simply use the right accessory to give an old outfit a makeover. Bags, Jewls, statement accessories can all help you recycle your old dress and update it for the next not so important wedding.

5- Avoid Wearing Revealing Outfits

See-through fabrics, plunging necklines and cutaway dresses should be worn with caution. Weddings at the end are attended by family members and you certainly don’t want to risk getting the wrong idea, so for the day steer clear of anything that might be too daring.

These are merely fashion tips and not rules that you must follow, at the end it’s all about how tight you are to the bride!

I will leave you with this final reminder.

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The Best Dressed List From Cannes Film Festival 2019




The lavish week of red carpet premieres has begun, as Cannes Film Festival kicked off in France with Hollywood’s biggest names and promising stars rocking the red carpet, at the French Riviera. 

The picks of the best dressed were surely hard, as celebrities dressed to the nines for the daily premieres of films. But with a variety of astounding gowns, and sharp tuxedos, here are our picks for the most glamorous looks from opening night.

1- Selena Gomez

Dressed in Louis Vuitton and Bulgari jewels at the premiere of The Dead Don’t Die. The white certainly suits her!

2- Elle Fanning

Wearing a caped peach Gucci gown with a floral-accented bodice.

3- Julianne Moore

Wearing a stunning Dior gown, and pairing it with an eye-catching earrings from Chopard.

4- Nadine Labaki

The Lebanese actress and director stunned in a Black Dior Haute Couture.

5- Tilda Swinton

Quite the unusual gown from Haider Ackermann. 

6- Romee Strijid

An absolutely breathtaking gown from Etro, worn by the beautiful Romee Strijd.

7- Alessandra Ambrosio

Wearing a Ralph & Russo gown from the spring/summer 2019 collection, Boucheron jewels and Rene Caovilla shoes.

8- Elle Fanning

The Cannes jury member wore a simple ruffled Ryan Lo dress and square-toe pumps.

9- Eva Longoria

Wearing an Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition satin off-shoulder gown.

10- Araya A. Hargate

Wearing a gown from Ralph & Russo autumn/winter 2017, and Chopard jewels. Can’t really decide on how I feel about this dress, but one thing for sure is that Hargate certainly pulled it off!
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