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Change Is Your Future Success Strategy



During his visit to Egypt where he came to host a training for a real estate development company and also do a certificate program related to a personality styled method, we got the chance to meet the legendary couching consultant Mario Sikora.

Sikora is an executive coaching consultant whose job is to help leaders and organization, to improve their performance particularly around leadership. Sikora started his career as a writer and editor then moved to corporate communication training. It has been twenty years now since he decide to work on his own with clients all over the world.

To come with fresh pair of eyes to see things from a different perspective.” This is how Sikora summarizes the importance of his role as a coaching consultant to organizations.   His company is called Awareness To Action because he believes that “in order to grow bigger or to change we have to have self-awareness… we need to understand our patterns and how not to get stuck in them.

Because we can’t just go on doing things the same way we did in the past, even if it was successful, we need to change.  The world is always changing and that’s why we need to change accordingly. But change is not easy, that’s why Sikora uses Enneagram model in his coaching. It’s a tool that identifies nine basic personality styles used as a typology to gain insights into workplace dynamics. Sikora aims to help leaders” learn change management, how to have better relation with people they work with, and also how to develop critical thinking skills”.

According to Sikora change is a future success strategy. However, humans are designed to resist change because it’s threatening. The reason we don’t want to change is that” we tend to hold on to things we think they are important. Change means that we have to give up something. The secret to creating change is to find away to make the new change give us the same satisfaction that the old behavior gave us. Instead of thinking we are losing something, we have to frame change in way that makes us think we are getting more from something that is important to us.

Thus, Sikora outlines three fundamental characters of the successful leader. First, is the ability to be adaptable: to be able to adjust to changes. Second, is the ability to manage change not only on a personal level, but also on organizational level. Third, is to be an outstanding leader by helping other people grow and do more. This is a win –win situation where the leader stops being an outstanding doer and adds more value to work experience.

That’s not all, Mario Sikora also gave us hints on how to deal and use social media in your business. Find more details from Mario Sikora in from his interview with what’s up Cairo.

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Seoudi Supermarkets Partners with Drumstick Designs and Goes Green




Drumstick is a design studio in Cairo, where they make product, furniture, packaging designs. Their latest work is one that gives hope to our environment, and a chance to save it.

Just yesterday, they announced their latest work for Seoudi Supermarket, and that is their fabric shopping bag, which folds up into a small pouch; so that it’s easy to carry around with you.

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Aaaaand they’re out!! Ladies and gents, we present to you our fabric shopping bag that folds up into a small pouch so that it can ALWAYS be with you ready for use wherever you go. This product is 100% financed and supported by Seoudi Supermarket. Yup, you read that correctly! These incredibly nice people completely encouraged and welcomed the idea and completely adopted it AND agreed for it to be a zero-profit project! It was so mind-shifting to witness this kind of mindfulness at that level of success. 💚 So yes!!! Yalla! We’re starting off in only in the 2 branches in Maadi and if it goes well we’re going to fabric bag the whole city! #drumstickdesigns #seoudisupermarket #cairo #egypt #environment #livegreen #ecofriendly #totebag #arabic

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This way, these fabric shopping bags can soon substitute plastic ones, if people are willing to cut down on their plastic use and go for the smarter, eco-friendlier choices.

The product is 100% financed and supported by Seoudi Supermarket, whereas they completely welcomed and encouraged the idea of adopting to it and agreed for this project to be a zero-profit one.

The fabric bags are only available in 2 branches in Maadi, but if it is off to a good start, they will soon ‘Fabric bag the whole city!

Our hope is that people’s attitude towards this idea, would be the same as Seoudi’s. And for them to accept this change, hopefully to be turned into a lifestyle.


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Mohamed Mamdouh Apologizes to the People Criticizing Him




It looks like being a successful actor, who was capable of proving himself in the plenty of roles that he played, isn’t enough to get people off his back.

Mohamed Mamdouh has been proving himself each year as a competent actor, and this year was no different. However, people have been criticizing the actor for his short breath and pronunciation. Which was brought up in an interview with Al Arabya, to which his answer to this was a genuine apology.

But why should he be sorry? Such a flaw doesn’t make him any less of a good actor, and this flaw was even unnoticed by countless of his fans, who have been defending him since yesterday.

This brings us to an issue that not only celebrities face, but we do too, and that is bullying. It may not seem this way to some, because their claim could be that it’s merely their opinion, something the actor should work on. But it is a verbal bullying, and everyday we encounter the same thing.

What is merely your opinion, might affect the person’s self esteem and make them doubt themselves and their capabilities. Your comment about someone’s hair, body, or even their outfit, is one you should always keep to yourself. Because most of the time, people already know about their flaw, they just don’t like it when it’s pointed out to them.

Mohamed Mamdoud has been killing it in this year’s series ‘Qabeel‘, his portrayal of a person who’s severely manipulated by his mental illness is quite impressive. Not only that, but the way he’s mourning for his long gone wife, is giving us all the feels.

So why after giving a killer performance, should he be faced with such a criticism?

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GOT Fans Start a Petition Demanding a Full Remake of Season 8




If you haven’t yet watched the latest episode of GOT then don’t through with this article, because spoilers lie ahead!

Even though episode 5 aired days ago, people still don’t seem to get over what happened during this horrific episode. They surely can’t accept that the breaker of chains turned mad, and ruined everything for us.

Now, people are taking their anger to a whole new level, where a new petition is circulating from a Night King–loving fan named Dylan D, asking HBO to remake the ENTIRE season ‘with competent writers’ instead of Thrones ShowrunnersDavid Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

“David Benioff and D. B. Weiss have proven themselves to be woefully incompetent writers when they have no source material (i.e., the books) to fall back on,” Dylan’s call to action reads. “This series deserves a final season that makes sense. Subvert my expectations and make it happen, HBO!”

The petition has been up for less than a week now and it’s already gotten almost 278,135 signatures from equally annoyed fans!

Here the link for the petition, for all the angry fans out there who are demanding the same!

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