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British Council celebrates UK alumni in Egypt



  • Three Egyptian winners awarded for distinguished career achievements and entrepreneurship.
  • 1,400 Applications were received from alumni from more than 120 UK universities in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Cairo, 27 February 2019, the British Council announced three Egyptian winners of the Study UK Alumni Awards 2018-19 at an awarding ceremony in the British Embassy in Cairo. In total, nine UK alumni in Egypt were shortlisted and recognised for their outstanding achievements as business professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders, and for their important contribution to strengthening collaborative ties between the UK and Egypt.

The prestigious international award celebrates UK higher education and the achievements of UK alumni all over the world. Now in its fifth year, the award received more than 1400 applications from international UK alumni in more than 100 countries, representing more than 120 UK higher education institutions across the UK. Following in-depth interviews with a judging panel, recipients were selected for the three award categories: Professional Achievement, Entrepreneurial, and Social Impact.

The Professional Achievement Award, which recognises alumni who have distinguished themselves through exemplary leadership in their professional field, was presented by the adventurer and entrepreneur, Omar Samra to the winner Samir Omara, graduate of University of Exeter. Samir is the Head of Professional Development for Teachers First Professional Development Program run by the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

The Social Impact Award, which acknowledges alumni who have made an exceptional contribution to creating positive social change, was presented by Khaled Habib, Radio Presenter and CEO fit-for-life, to the winner Maha Helali, a graduate of University College London. Maha is now the Vice-Head of a new Committee for Women with Disabilities (WwD) within the National Council for Women (NCW), and in 2017 was named as one of the top 50 Most Influential Women by Amwal Al Ghad magazine in its Outstanding Women Initiative to empower women.

The Entrepreneurial Award, which highlights alumni who have played a leading role in innovation or creative solutions, was presented by the founder of “Azza Fahmy Jewelery”, Azza Fahmy to the winner Omnia Fathy El Rashidy, a graduate of the Sheffield Hallam University. Omnia’s community-based medical programme enhances the quality of life for families with disabled children. She worked as a Medical Consultant for the National Council of Disabilities and Function in Egypt and currently, takes her expertise to hospitals, teaching those professionals her newly-adopted treatment approach.

This year’s winners were chosen by an esteemed panel of juries that included Elizabeth White, British Council Egypt Director, Sahar Khamis, Head of Education, British Council Egypt, Shadia Fahim, Dean Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the British University in Egypt, Nevine Sharaf, Chevening Programme Manager at the British Embassy, Khaled Habib, Radio Presenter and CEO fit-for-life, Mohamed Salaheen, General Secretary at the National Engineering Committee, Supreme Council of Universities and Heba Kholief, Winner of Social Impact Award in the 2017 UK Alumni Awards.

British Ambassador to Egypt, Sir Geoffrey Adams said: “Bringing together Egyptian talent and British education is a recipe for success. The winners of the awards today show just how true this is.  We’re working to give more Egyptians the opportunity to benefit from the UK’s world-leading education system, not just in the UK but here in Egypt too, including through a growing number of partnerships between British and Egyptian institutions”

Elizabeth White, Director British Council in Egypt, said: “I’m delighted to have the opportunity to celebrate the achievements a number of outstanding Egyptian alumni of UK universities, in this year’s Study UK Alumni awards. Every one of the finalists has used their experience of UK study, and all their own abilities, skills and initiatives, to make a career in which they have made a significant difference. Each and every one has a very compelling story to tell.  The British Council is proud to present this year’s awards for the third year in Egypt, and we know that everyone will be impressed by the inspiration and the positive impact the winning alumni have brought to the world we live in.”

Egypt is the first country to host the awards this year and will be followed by awarding ceremonies in a further twelve countries, including Ghana, Pakistan, and the USA.


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First Image for the Black Hole released




Astronomers have taken the very first image of a black hole, located in a distant galaxy of 40 billion KM, and astronomers have named it ‘A Monster’.

The black hole is 500 million trillion km away, the image was taken by a network of eight telescopes across the world.

Details have been published today in Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Prof Heino Falcke, of Radboud University in the Netherlands, who proposed the experiment, told BBC News that the black hole was found in a galaxy called M87.

“What we see is larger than the size of our entire Solar System,” he said.

“It has a mass 6.5 billion times that of the Sun. And it is one of the heaviest black holes that we think exists. It is an absolute monster, the heavyweight champion of black holes in the Universe.”

The image shows a ‘ring of fire’ as described by Prof Falcke, surrounding a perfectly circular dark hole. The bright halo is caused by super-heated gas. This light is brighter than all of the countless stars combined! That’s why it can be seen from afar distance from Earth.

The picture was revealed at simultaneous press conferences across the world today, including one in Europe that you can watch in the following video.


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Uber Plans to buy its rival company in the Middle East ‘Careem’




Uber is announcing a $3.1 billion acquisition of Careem in a cash and stock deal, that is happening this Tuesday, Bloomberg also reported that Uber intents on paying $1.4 billion in cash and $1.7 billion in convertibles notes for Careem as Uber shares.

The Dubai-based company shareholders that includes Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal’s investment firm and Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten Inc. have until Monday night to study and discuss the offer, and the decision is expected to be made as early as Tuesday.

According to Bloomberg, none of the spokespeople for Uber and Careem gave a comment on the matter, whereas Uber’s spokesperson Matt kallman refused to give out any statements, Careem’s spokesperson Maha Aboul Enein was unavailable for a comment.

This bid is considered to be one of the biggest-ever listings of the New York Stock Exchange, and it has come before an imminent initial public offering.

It is believed that Uber is publicly filing for its IPO in April, meaning that the company’s value is expected to increase to USD 120 billion. And with Careem out of the way, Uber will thus be monopolizing the region; which will make the stock a much more valuable one.

Also, let’s not forget, that on top of all that, Saudi Arabia is one of the company’s largest backers; which increases the chances of receiving more funding due to the wealth fund of the Kingdom.

On the other hand, some problems is expected to surface after this take over happens, problems that both companies have been facing in term of regulations with the Egyptian Competition Authority and the threat they impose on the merger through a potential fine worth USD 28 million.


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Sherine Abdel Wahab Banned From Singing after Insulting Egypt




The Musicians Syndicate announced in a statement released on Thursday, March 21, announcing that Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab has officially been banned from singing in Egypt after insulting the country in a concert performance in Bahrain.

The singer was banned for questioning the freedom of speech in Egypt, saying that: ‘’ I can talk here with complete freedom, in Egypt anyone who talks freely is going to be jailed’’ said Abdel Wahab, during the concert.

Lawyer Samir Sabry submitted a complaint against the singer to the Egyptian general prosecutor accusing her of insulting Egypt during her latest concert in Bahrain.

Later that day, Sherine interfered in a phone call during a TV interview with Amr Adeeb, in which she apologized once again, claiming that she was only joking, and that she is very upset over everything being said against her.

“I am very tired. I made a mistake. I am sorry. I appeal the president of the Arab Republic of Egypt, who is our father. I feel that I was persecuted. I did nothing. I love Egypt,” she said.

While the incident angered several people, others are standing with the Egyptian singer and a hashtag supporting her is now trending on social media, asking for authorities to forgive the incident.

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شيري فنّانه رفيعة المستوى … طيّبه عفويه لدرجة ، قد لاتُصيبُ بالتّعبير عمّا لاتقصد، وأنا كغيري الكثير ممّن يعرفونها، على ثقة بأنّها ستتريّث فيما لايجب أنّ يحصل ، وثقتنا بالفنّان الكبير الأستاذ هاني شاكر، كبيره بأنّ يكون له طيب الأثر، بوقفة مع مطربة يفخر بها الفنّ ، غذّت المشاعر ، وقوّمت قلوب ، وتغنّت بجميع أنواع المشاعر ، وتألّقت بأغاني الوطن ، وأنّ تمرّ هذه المحنة على خير ، وكلّنا ثقه بأنّها ستزيد تألّقاً ، في عالم يحتاجها ، إنّ شكّ يوماً بولاءها ، حتماً سيرجع يصفح عنها ، لأنّها منه وهو يزهو بها #أصاله #متضامن_مع_شيرين @sherine

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