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All the Lit Concerts Happening This February




We can’t deny that January wasn’t what we hoped for at all and that it wasn’t the best start of what was supposed to be a promising year, but it’s finally over and we’re ready to welcome February with open arms and lit concerts!

The month of love looks quite promising with many concerts set to take place, from our favorite underground bands to the greatest superstars and legendary musicians, here are the best concerts this February!

Jordanian rock Star Mahmoud Radaideh

The brilliant Mahmoud Radaideh, songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and founder of the renowned Jordanian rock ban Jadal, will be performing solo on stage with is guitar on 7 February 2020 at The Terrace at Grand Nile Tower hotel.

Richard Clayderman

Richard Clayderman, the most successful piano player in the world noted by Guinness World Records, aka the prince of romance will return to Egypt on the 14th of February at AlManara International Convention Center. If you and your loved one are all about classy date nights, then this would be your perfect chance for a romantic musical night out.

To book your tickets, visit this link.

Omar Khairat

Famed Egyptian musician Omar Khairat has two upcoming concerts, the first in El-Sawy Culture Wheel on the 20th of February and the second will take place at Cairo Opera House on the 17th of February.

Amr Diab

The superstar Al Hadaba will perform his first concert of 2020 on the 28th of February at ElManara Arena, with ticket prices starting at EGP 450.

To book your tickets, click here.


Superstar Angham will perform in Cairo Opera House on February 12th, another chance for you to celebrate a special valentine’s night with your partner.


Our favorite hyped up band Sharmoofers will perform on the 24th of February at Al Sawy Cultural wheel. For more details and to book your tickets, click here.

Black Theama

Also happening on Valentine’s day the 14th of February, the Egyptian boy band Black Theama will perform at Sawy Cultural wheel. 


Fabrica will also perform at Sawy Culture Wheel, another concert taking place on Valentine’s day so we’re quite sure that by now you have found your preference,

We’re pretty sure that you have got some planning to do so we will leave you to it! Have a wonderfully romantic Feb.


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The Christmas Bazars and Festivities to Catch This Holiday




Christmas festivities has already invaded most parts of Cairo and it’s our favorite season for a good reason! Anywhere you go, you can spot the festive decorations and stunning Christmas lights.

If Christmas IS your favorite holiday and you’re looking to make the best out of it, here are the best places to celebrate the holidays in! The following are the bazars to catch and the places with the most stunning winter vibes.

Walk of Cairo

Walk of Cairo is Zayed’s newest addition and it has it all! It has the vibes and the best entertainment anyone can ask for. They have Egypt’s first Museum of Illusions, so get ready to have your mind blown away. They have the nicest, massive decorations and they have lots of fun games!

Mall of Arabia

Mall of Arabia has done a wonderful job upping their game! The Park at Mall of Arabia has everything you need, from fun rides to carnival games during the weekdays and on weekends too. Just passing by the mall, you will be blinded with magnificent Christmas lights, so you can only imagine how it looks from the inside!

Downtown Katameya

Enjoy plenty of activities at Downtown Katameya including foam clouds that you can indeed float on! VR competitions with a number of of IRL prizes, and a selfie booth where you can have your picture taken on their Christmas tree!

Arkan Plaza

Arkan Plaza in Sheikh Zayed gives you the ultimate dining experience with the best decorations and a huge Christmas tree! Catch the festivities there while dining at one of their top notch restaurants.

Zed Park

It’s all about Christmas at Zed Park plus the fun games and rides that you most certainly don’t want to miss!

Let the festivities begin and the good time roll! Happy holidays everyone.




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Christmas Concerts to be Held at Cairo and Alexandria Opera Houses




Both Cairo and Alexandria Opera Houses are set to celebrate Christmas with three concerts and ballet shows to be held on the 10th, 13th and 14th of December.

The concerts will be all about festivities and Christmas spirit, by presenting a selection of well-known musicals and international songs that are being presented for the very first time. They’re being prepared by Amir Awad, Osama Ali, and Imad Adel, under the supervision of Magdy Saber.

The Cairo Opera Troupe will present three concerts and ballet shows designed by Armenia Kamel, supervised by art director Iman Mostafa and directed by Abdullah Saad.

Cairo Opera Orchestra and the Cairo Opera Choir will also participate in the concerts, also with the participation of art shows performed by members of the Cairo Opera Ballet.

The concerts in Cairo will be held at the Cairo Opera’s Grand Theater and the third concert will take place in the Sayed Darwish Theater at Alexandria Opera.


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Egypt’s Ministers Sit Down to Discuss Egypt’s Participation in Dubai Expo2020




Egypt is getting ready for its participation in one of the biggest events the Dubai Expo 2020 and to prepare for the event, Egypt’s Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled Al-Anani met with Minister of Trade and Industry Nevine Gamea to go over the arrangements. 

After getting postponed due to the virus, the Dubai Expo will take place for six months from October 2021.

The meeting was attended by Ms Ghada Shalaby, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for Tourism Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Maghawry, Head of the Commercial Representation Authority and General Commissioner for the Egyptian Participation at Expo Dubai 2020, and Mr. Hatem Al Ashry, Adviser to the Minister of Trade and Industry for Institutional Communication,.

In addition to representatives from the Ministries of Housing, Finance, Higher Education, Culture, Immigration, Tourism and Antiquities among several officials.

Dr. Khaled El Enany said that the ministry intend to present Egypt as a global archaeological and touristic destination in the pavilion at the Expo. According to him, the temporary exhibition at the Expo will showcase a number of Egyptian antiquities to reflect Egypt’s rich ancient history.

The minister also added that they’re keen on having a digital presence during the exhibition, which is why a a live broadcast of a number of Egyptian monuments and archaeological sites will be presented.

We can’t wait to see the history of Egypt beautifully presented at one of the hugest events of the time!

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