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A true coffee sensation



If you’re a true coffee lover, and you know it when the aroma tickles your soul, the taste inflames your brain, and the ecstasy revives your being, then you need to pay a visit to” 30 North”.

It’s an up modern cozy place; a new Egyptian experience that indulges you in a variety of coffee beans. Tastes from all over the world are brought to your cup, whether it’s a Mexican Altura, a Ugandan Kilimanjaro or a Peruvian Chancamayo; a light roast or a medium roast, you’ll definitely find your match. Not only you get to choose your favorite coffee, you also get to choose how you like it done.  This urban place offers different choices of coffee and rich snacks

Let me share my experience with you. First entered, I met a very tempting deserts display then the coffee station. The waiter welcomed us warmly, and explained very carefully each type of coffee they serve and also all methods they have for processing coffee weather its V60, Aeropress, or Chemex.  He was very friendly, patient and well acquainted with what he’s selling. We got to smell and taste coffee before we make our order.

I was seated at a marvelous wooden table with wooden chairs that looked as if they were just cut from the tree, which added a natural aspect in opposition to the grey cement urban walls.  I got the menu and made the order.

First, we got a welcome bread basket with a genuine vegetable dip; more of sweet pepper, tomato and eggplant mix. The smell, and the taste of the fresh baked bread promised a good meal to come ahead, and my guess was true.

I started my day with chicken tempura sandwich. Oh my god! Chicken in the morning?! I thought so, but it’s really worth it: fresh finely marinated chicken tempura with caramelized onions, special souse and greens. It was just the right light taste- suitable for breakfast- not greasy not heavy.  It’s served with homemade chips, just to finish the taste. Afterwards, I definitely needed to sweeten my tongue before facing a new working day.  The answer was Neutella- fluffy- pancakes covered in snow sugar and strawberries. Could I ask for more? All topped with the taste of fresh brewed aeropress Ethiopia coffee.

My friend ordered mix cheese in brown Panini sandwich. Yummy cheese mix with special spread in freshly baked bread but missed some greens. She asked for it, and she got a plate of rocca, cherry tomatoes and fresh mushrooms. For desert, my friend had a large blueberry macaroon, Oh Wow! Crispy from outside, gooey from inside filled with jam and some white spread, a bit like a creamy cheese, the sugar taste was just perfect. Her experience wouldn’t have been a true extravaganza without a cup of Chemex Ethiopia. Though Chemex,which is the process of making coffee through high filtration, I found that it gives very clear coffee but it somehow the coffee taste is not as strong as it should be.

All in all, weather you are longing for a distinguished breakfast or you just need a supreme getaway during your coffee break, this is the place. 30 North is a true coffee sensation.

Norhan Emad TV Presnter at ALGhad TV channel & Content creator at What's up cairo.

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The Review: The Nubian Village At Grand Nile Tower Hotel




Grand Nile Tower is known for providing an exquisite and fine dinning experience not only for their diverse cuisines but also for the splendid Nile view that surrounds the hotel.

The place offers a broad selection of fine dining opportunities with a variety of cuisines, which take full advantage of the hotel’s unique location along the Nile.

All of their restaurants and lounges offer the opportunity to savor superb cuisine and refreshments in a matchless ambiance, overlooking the view of the Nile that we all crave.

One of Grand Nile tower’s well-known restaurants is the Nubian Village that has just been recently renovated.

It is designed specially for guests who fancy a taste of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine from Egypt and Lebanon in a richly atmospheric traditional Nubian setting overlooking the Nile.

You can also enjoy the folkloric music of an oriental Takht band during summer time while savoring their mouthwatering oriental dishes. Guests can also dine and enjoy the rich fragrance and flavors of the traditional Arab Shisha.

All of which makes the Nubian Village an experience not to be missed!

The Nubian Village seats up to 200 and is open daily from 12:00 noon till Midnight.

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End Ramadan on a High Note By Paying A Visit to These Tents




Ramadan is coming to an end and if you intend on making the best of those last few days, then head over to one of the following tents in case you haven’t already been there and create lasting memories.

You want to say farewell to Ramadan knowing that you have experiences it all!

1- Zad Tent 

The tent is located in Cairo Sheraton Hotel with a stunning view of the Nile, it merges between Egyptian & Moroccan oriental vibes.

You will get to enjoy their daily performances alongside delicious food that your taste buds don’t want to miss. For the last Friday of Ramadan, they are bringing Abdel Basset Hammouda to their Zad nights.

2- Bab El Qasr Tent 

The majestic Ramadan tent returns once again this year to Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski with an astounding set up. Every Friday the tent brings a DJ. so you get to enjoy the live entertainment as you indulge their delicious Sohor or Iftar.

Don’t miss out on their last star night this Friday with El Leithy. 

3- Grand Nile Tower hotel 

Enjoy the blissful vibes of Ramadan by celebrating it at Grand Nile Tower hotel, where you can savor on traditional Arabic flavors every day during this blissful month, at one of their magnificent venues. The best way to do is by having Iftar at their Sakya Souk restaurant or Sohour in their Marquise boat.

Click on this link, for more details on their Ramadan offers.

4- Lanterns Ramadan Tent @Uptown Cairo 

Lantern Ramadan tent returned to Clubhouse in Uptown Cairo to bless you with mesmerizing nights, and this Friday, they are helping you make one more memorable experience.

‘Enjoy a magical performance by Nesma Mahgoub while experiencing our scrumptious sohour, great scenery and colorful setup.’

5- Layaly Mirage Tent @ JW Marriott

Enjoy one more night at the outstanding tent of JW Marriott’s Layaly Mirage and don’t miss out on their delicious sohor & Iftar, with live entertainment as well.



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Revolving Restaurant: Your Best Case Scenario for Date Night




We understand how valuable date nights are, especially when it is on a special occasion such as a birthday or an anniversary, and because the restaurant chosen for this night sets the mood for everything, we recommend the Revolving restaurant that will definitely grant you a memorable night and here’s why!

First off, the Revolving restaurant is located in Grand Nile Tower Hotel which is home to Cairo’s finest food and beverage outlets, that offer authentic and diverse cuisines that satisfy every taste and different desires. The revolving restaurant is no exception, it provides diners with a staggering panoramic view of the Nile River, the Pyramids and the ancient cosmopolitan city of Cairo.

So that you get to savor on their culinary delights from an international gourmet menu, that are prepared in the restaurant’s show kitchen, while enjoying a splendid view that will surely set the romantic mood you desire.

Besides the mouthwatering food, and the magnificent view, the Revolving restaurant rotates a full 360 degrees over a period of an hour and 15 minutes, to give you yet another exceptional dining experience.

The Revolving Restaurant, seats 140 for dinner every day from 7:00 pm, and is located on the 41st floor of Grand Nile Tower and journeyed to by an exclusive elevator.

Another addition that makes a perfect night is the stunning Revolving Restaurant Lounge that is one floor below the restaurant, where you get to gaze out upon the distant Pyramids of Giza and reflect upon the glistening Nile. You can join a friend there for a drink, while floating high above the illuminated city and the shimmering Nile.

With an astonishing 300-degree panoramic view, an international cuisine offering the finest dining and being located in a fancy hotel, the Revolving restaurant makes the best scenario and an alluring destination, for the perfect romantic scene of the Nile.

So if you’re looking to spend a dreamy romantic dream in Cairo’s pre-eminent meeting place, and enjoy live entertainment, then reserve your table now at EGP 1500 all inclusive for two persons every Friday from 6:00 pm till 11:30 pm.



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