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7 signs you were raised by an Egyptian mother



This mother’s day take time to admire the privileges of having an Egyptian mother. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes. But when, you happen to land in an Egyptian mother hands at birth, there’s no escaping from her fixed set of beliefs and bringing up techniques. No matter which background she comes from. There is this Egyptian Mothers Manifesto. It’s not written, she doesn’t learn it at school, but somehow it’s an implicit agreement between all mothers of Egypt. Here are seven signs that you definitely have been raised by an Egyptian mother:

1. She knows what you did, what you’re doing, and what you will do. She knows when what where and why. Your mother has her own special private spy often referred to as “the bird”, and yah man, she does know it all. When this belief haunts you, you find it impossible to ever think of lying to your mom, as she will always know the truth. Though, if you’re a little rat, this fact will challenge your little dirty mind to come up with a complete neat lie.

2. Your mom raised you up to a certain set of beliefs that shaped your world as a child. Heaven is up the sky and hell is down below earth. If you don’t finish your plate, the left food will come after you on Judgment Day. If you play with matches, you’ll wet your bed at night. And the famous “ Ommena El Ghoola” and “ Abu Regl Maslokha” these are the night visitors who will come every time you misbehave.

3. The word “Zeft” becomes an essential part of your formation. The dictionary meaning of the word is tar, but in Egypt is refers to “bad”. It can mean extremely bad or slightly bad, most importantly, it can refer to anything and everything. You yourself can be the “zeft” personally, or she may use the word to refer to the remote control device. It’s a motherly method of enhancing your creative thinking skills. For every time your mom uses the “Z” word, your brain is challenged to take wild guess what she means by “Z” this time.

4. Reverse psychology works best with her. If you ever want to get her approval on something, complain that your father refuses or banns it. Subconsciously she’d want to gain points against your father, so she agrees to everything he rejects.

5. Deciding whether you’re a grown up or still just a kid for your mother is a matter of mood. It depends on her strategic plans and what she is expecting from you in every situation separately. So, at early age, if you wanna go on a vacation with your friends, then for her you’re too young to travel by yourself. But, if she wants to go out with your dad to a late dinner, then, you’re all grown up and can take care of yourself, your siblings, and the whole house!

6. She always got your back. Even the strictest mother will always have some change hidden here or there that she brings out at the right time. When you’re going on your first date, buying a new car and few pennies are left, or she’d pay the last installment for your house.

7. No one is ever sure of the outcome, but in general, your mother made sure that you respect the elder and will be kind to the younger. She built it in you that you can never make it in life without the right certificate hanging on your wall. You’ll never succeed in life as long as she is not satisfied with you. You should never love your wife than her. Most importantly, her family loves you more than your dad’s family.

Well these are only few major common signs. The list can go on and on. But one thing for sure is that having an Egyptian mother is a unique, rich, overwhelming emotionally, yet funny life experience. Happy Mother’s day.

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American-Egyptian Ramy Youssef Gets Nominated For 2020 Golden Globe Award




Ramy Youssef, co-creator and lead star of the Hulu Comedy series ‘Ramy‘ has been nominated for a 2020 Golden Globes award for his lead performance in Hulu’s breakthrough series about an Egyptian American millennial.

Youssef reacted to his shocking nomination Monday morning in a direct message via Twitter. “I’m just trying to keep up with Mahershala so he can stop taunting me with his Oscars on set,” he joked, referring to Oscar and Golden Globe-winning actor Mahershala Ali, who will be featured in Season 2 of the series.

The show revolves around an American-Egyptian Muslim called Ramy Hassan as it tackles Muslim-specific issues, some irrelevant and other major. It also highlights the struggles of Ramy as he keeps up with both partying and praying in his politically-divided New Jersey neighborhood.



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Jane the Virgin to Be Made Into An Arabic Series Called ‘El Anesa Farah’




Jane the Virgin, the American romantic drama and iconic telenovela, will be made into an Arabic series entitled ‘El Anesa Farah.’

S Productions, an Egyptian media house, has claimed the rights to remake the American hit drama series ‘Jane the Virgin’ into an Arabic version, as a fan myself of the show, I can’t quite put how I feel about this!

If you haven’t watched the series, I’ll tell you why it’s very courageous to take such step! You see, the American series follows the story of Jane who gets accidentally inseminated, yep! She is a virgin who gets pregnant, and that is the least daring thing about the series.

She gets pregnant with another man’s child while being engaged to another man, and oh, the child she is carrying belongs to her former crush. I think that gives you full insight on what I mean about the series being very daring!

The Arabic version will feature the local stars Asmaa Abou El Yazeed, Rania Youssef, Ahmed Magdy and Mohamed Kelany, alongside Arfa Abdel Rassoul, Heba Abd El Aziz and Tamer Farag. 

The series will be directed by renowned Egyptian directors Ahmed El Gendy and Wael Farrag, and written by Mahmoud Ezzat and Amr Medhat.

Sally Waly, founder of S productions, hopes that this would be a good step for the production house by entering the Arabic drama field with an award-wining series as Jane the Virgin.


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Tamer Hosny Breaks Guinness World Record in Abu Dhabi




Our very own pop star Tamer Hosny performed last night at Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall a song that he wrote in honor of the UAE’s year of tolerance. That’s not all, as the star got to break a Guinness World record at the mall with the help of his fans.

Up until Thursday, fans kept posting messages to the star with the hope that he would collect the most contributions ever made to a bulletin board and that way, break a new Guinness World Record. Which impressively, they managed to make it happen!

The Marina Mall shared a number of the messages that Hosny received, saying they had received “a lot of positive and many influential messages” for Hosny.

Last night was certainly Hosny’s night as he got to break the record for being the most inspirational and influential star in the world, it is also worth mentioning that he broke his own record with twice the number this year!

“My entry to Guinness World Record will be a historical victory for every Egyptian and Arab … my greatest joy is making history with my art.” The star said prior to his win.

Congratulations to the superstar, we couldn’t be any prouder of him!


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