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7 Signs She’s Probably Using You



Ahmed Fahmy & Zina

Remember “Layla” from “le a3la Se3r” TV series; the one who stole her best friend’s husband “Hisham”. Well, “Layla” servers as the best example for a woman using a guy. She cut him off his world, helped him a lot with his career just so he can give her the life she wants but can’t afford. You probably love your partner, but that doesn’t mean it’s the other way around.  Even the most confident guy can fail to notice clear signs that she’s using him. Check out these signs and find the answer yourself:

No one loves you the way I do

She will do anything to the extent that she’d brainwash you to convince you that no one will ever love you the way she does. She will work hard to isolate you from family or friends. Usually, they will be the first to notice that she’s using you.  They may try to draw your attention to be careful around her. That’s why she will cut you off your loved ones to make it easier for her to manipulate you.

She’s devoted to your career.

Every guy wants a girl who supports him fulfilling his dreams. However, she is doing so because you have resources she wants. She helps you grow bigger because it will bring her the life style she wants and cannot afford on her own. A good sign she is using you, is she is constantly asking about your money or financial status-related topics.

Hidden messages 

She constantly sends hidden massages stating that she is superior to you in some areas you lack, like being socially, or intellectually above you. Thus you will always feel dependent on her love and devotion and what she can add to your life.

What about her friends or family

Usually when a girl is interested in someone, she wants to show him off to everyone close to her. If you have been dating for some good time and she didn’t ask you to meet her family or friends, then probably you’re not an essential part of her future plans. Ask yourself; is she serious about having a real relation with you?

She demands pricey items.

Every girl likes to have gifts from her lover. But it is suspicious when your girlfriend puts it straight forward that she wants only expensive gifts. Moreover, she uses sex as a reward for taking her on a luxurious trip.

Your relationship is unbalanced.

You’re the one who’s doing all the effort to make her happy.  She may appreciate the nice gestures you make, but never really return them. Imagine, if you stop paying for everything, or helping her get what she wants, would she stay with you? If this is the case, and she holds all the cards, then you have an uneven relationship. It’s likely she’s using you.

 She’s wants your life

 In case you’re living a lavish life, for example you may be famous, or any of your friends is. If your partner is more interested in what you do, the people you mingle with, the events you get invited to, then this is likely why she’s with you. Ask yourself if you’re an ordinary guy who just stays at home, would she still hang around? If she’s not really into who you are, then she’s using you.

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Egyptian Museum in Tahrir to Host Two Temporary Exhibitions




Minister of Antiquities Khaled El-Anany has announced that two temporary exhibitions will be held in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir in light of the 150th anniversary of the museum’s establishment.

The exhibitions will launch on November 15 and will revolve around education and caches in ancient Egypt.

An inspection tour will also take place among the celebrations with the attendance of Minister of Antiquities Khaled el-Anany, some of the ministry’s leaders and well-known public figures.

Earlier on November 12, the Chairman of the Chinese Consultative Council and a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Wang Yang visited the museum along with the rest of his party.

All of whom were very impressed by the magnificent  display of the ancient Egyptian civilization, and were intrigued to learn about Ancient Egypt and the history it holds.

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Ashraf Hamdi’s ‘A Voice Note’ Returns With Another Heart-warming Story




Director/ Writer Ashraf Hamdi strikes again with the release of his latest VN14: “Only If Time Was..” and after one year of fans waiting around for another voice note, Hamdi didn’t disappoint and delivered an outstanding piece different than the others but still holds the same magic that we all fell for.

The Voice Note tells once again a love story, one that started with a spark but ended tragically, leaving us all in awe. It’s a story that shows chemistry between two but when bad timing interferes and fate gets in the way, it ends differently than one would have expected.

The Voice Note is featuring the beautiful Aya AbdelHamid and Khaled El Zommor with the voice-overs done by Hamdi and Heidy Ahmed and as usual is written, directed, edited by Hamdi. What makes it even more personalized this time, is that the entire music of the episode was composed from scratch and is courtesy of Ashraf El Ziftawi.

That was Hamdi’s first collaboration with a musical composer and he worked along Ashraf El Ziftawi for 3 months and before that they spent a year composing music for other commercials and work.


The music wasn’t the only highlight of the short film, but also the song at the end that was exclusively written and recorded for it, making the Voice Note more intriguing and special. 

We spoke with Ashraf Hamdi regarding these collaborations and he told us how unusual it is for him to do such a thing but he loves collaborating with fresh, young talents and shedding the light on their work. 

For those who don’t know, the Voice Note series is the creation of the brilliant Ashraf Hamdi where love stories are told through a voice note. Every Voice Note holds a story and every story was based on a meaningful inspiration.

In his stories, you can find ‘love you didn’t love’ or an experience that you relate to, or maybe a completion of a love story that you didn’t have the chance to completely live.

When asked why the VN14 took so long, his answer was simply that ‘you need to be inspired,” and we are so glad he did. He also revealed that he likes everything in the project to be very personalized, even the cast, he needs to connect with them and love them in a way.

We hope Hamdi stays inspired so we can get to witness more of his magic!


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It’s Time You Walk Away When…




I hold my phone every other second, still, not a single word from him. I toss and I turn, not able to sleep, and I start to wonder, is he okay? What is he doing right now? Has he gone home safely? I’ll text and see. ‘No. Stop it. He’s fine not hearing from you.’ My overthinking begins to tell me.

Why is he okay not asking about me when I’m not? Well, maybe because this is my first sign that I should away.

1- They care less than you do

When your relationship starts getting fragile, it is important that the other person assures you that they have equal feelings. That you’re both in this together, and you will work it out, together. It should never be all on you, you shouldn’t be the only person making the effort. So stop being the quicker person to call, and stop worrying so much. Let them do the call, the texting, let them do the fixing. Because again, you’re in this together, or you’re out, you walk away.

2- They always make excuses not to meet

You want to meet up, go over things, discuss it like adults and come up with a plan, right? But it never happens, right? Because they always seem to find an excuse to get out of it, or they simply can’t do this same conversation again. They say they can’t do this fighting anymore, but when you’re fighting for your relationship, then it’s legitimate and if they can’t do it, they don’t deserve you.

3- They can’t be trusted

Relationships can lack several fundamentals, but one thing it should never lack, is trust. It is what relationships are built on, and once it is taken from the equation, the relationship falls. I’m not telling you to give up the second they do you wrong, but to earn your trust again, they should work hard for it, and this chance you are giving them, should never be taken for granted.

4- They are cold

The way they treat you is cold, the way they respond is cold, even the way they smile back at you is cold. This change in behavior can only be spotted by you, and when you start comparing their responses to the way it used to be, this is when you will get your answer.

Never allow yourself to be with someone, who just doesn’t seem to care anymore. Someone who’s keeping you, because they are being selfish, and not reasonable.

5- They exhibit an error in communication

Communication is a key to a healthy relationship, it’s important for the both of you to know that you’re standing on the same ground, that you both feel and want the same thing. It’s okay to experience some miscommunication, but what matters is for the both of you to admit having this issue; so you can work through it and get past it.

Try to allow the space for each of you to speak their minds, with no interruptions AT ALL. Listening is a key to understanding, and accepting that difference in your point of views, is another key.

I can never really tell you for sure that this is your cue to leave, because at the end, it’s not signs that you should follow, it is your intuition. So what does it tell you?

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