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7 Egyptian Films To Watch When You’re In The Mood For “Saff”




Every now and then, you find yourself sitting with your broke best friends, with absolutely no plans in mind and no cash to come up with one. You feel bored, you get frustrated and then you all start getting mad at each other. Well, just so you’d stop feeling so bad, I made a list of wildly entertaining Egyptian films that you can all watch together and be happy. All you literally need is Youtube and I promise it’ll be a great saff night that you won’t forget. So, yep! Blaze that one up and hit your nearest Drinkies because it’s gonna be a wild night!

       1. El Academia (2009):

A marvelous piece about a bunch of 40 year olds’ college experience. Brilliant performances that will most definitely blow you away. Lots of intriguing wardrobe choices. Weird ass social issues. Brilliant drama. Out of the world cinematography. Enticing script. Everything about El Academia will make you wish you’d gone to film school when you had the chance.

But seriously though, you will have a good laugh. Guaranteed.

And watch out for that certain Ola Ghanem scene because you will be rolling on the floor laughing, I swear! You’ll know it when it happens.

         2. Aysheen El Lahza (2010):

Now this is a picture I’ve watched more than three times and still have no fucking clue what it’s about. Remember “Essaf” though? The singer dude from “Star Maker Sama3na Sotak!”? He stars in this one and let me tell you, he is one hell of an actor. He’s the Jon Snow of Egyptian cinema, minus the talent for acting. But anyway, some producer at some point in life thought it was a good idea to make a film with him as the lead.

So, sit back and let your brain take in all the brilliance of Aysheen El Lahza.

3. Ahasees (2010):

Look me in the eye and tell me you didn’t watch this one as a teenager with raging hormones! Ahasees is the ultimate (not so ultimate) guide to sexual awakening. A big cast, film masroof 3aleih (check the screenshot above), haga tefarah…bas na2so Ola Ghanem to be honest, Oh wait! There she is! Tab Randa El Beheriy? Damn! She’s in it, too!

If you haven’t given that one a try in your teenage years, then, it’s definitely about time that you do!

4. EUC (2011):

Here, we have a “delightful” Egyptian replica of the American film Accepted (2006), starring actor Justin Long. The film stars Malak Qoura…and Karim Qassem…The film is about three dudes who decide to open a fake university together with no prior requirements for entry. Would’ve been an original idea if only the whole story wasn’t stolen… from another film. But, if there’s one cool thing about EUC, it’s the fact ennu hayhassen hasset el saff 3andak gamed.

Highly enjoyable 3 beers in.

5. Reklam (2012):

Aiwa fe3lan, this poster rings a bell because it’s stolen from the film Bridesmaids (2011). Reklam is a heartbreaking picture about the hardships that women of a certain social class have to endure. Madame Ghada shines in this one as she plays the role of a prostitute, and so does actress Rania Youssef. The film caused some controversy when it first came out back in 2012 because it was said that a lot of scenes essentially had to be deleted in order for it to be shown in local cinemas.

Thing is, you’d think that since Reklam deals with such a heavy issue, it’s not supposed to make you laugh. But then you see Ghada AbdelRazek on the screen over-performing and over-acting and you can’t keep your hands off your mouth.

6. 3al2et Mot (2009):

Mesh hassah enni mehtaga a2oul haga, GO WATCH IT NOW!

7. Elaqat Khasa (2006):

Now, last but not least! My absolute favorite! The masterpiece of all masterpieces! The cult classic! The marvelous: Elaqat Khasa! I just love me some Elaqat Khasa after a long day of work. This one is about three

lost dudes who get into relationships with “bad” women, shshshsh! The film follows the stories of these 3 hunks who keep fucking shit up over and over again. This film is so amusing, a lot of times the characters movements are exactly in sync. Look below:

I just truly admire the directing of this whole thing. It’s hilarious. Feeh shots that’ll make you die laughing!

Bonus: There’s a Amr Waked cameo and another Hanan Turk cameo in the film. Don’t ask.

A few honorable mentions:

El Harebataan (2013):

Share3 18 (2008):

El Balad Di Feeha Hokooma (2008):

    Now go watch them ALL!

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All You Need to Know About the 41st Edition of CIFF




The 41st edition of CIFF which is dedicated to the late Egyptian film critic and multi-year festival artistic director, Yossef Cherif, kicks off tonight at the Cairo Opera House and until the 29th of November with so many cinematic surprises coming your way.

10 days of cinematic events, 10 days that will include the screening of 150 film from all genres and from across the world and even though the films hail from 63 countries, the festival still focuses on representing the Arab cinema by having 20 selections in the lineup from the MENA region.

“For this year’s edition, we are planning an exciting lineup with many gala screenings,” said CIFF President Mohamed Hefzy. “More importantly, we are targeting a surprising international world premiere; something that has not happened at CIFF for many years.”


The opening ceremony of CIFF will see the stars Khaled el Sawy, Dina el Sherbiny and Ahmed Dawoud as the hosts.

The festival will honor filmmaker Sherif Arafa and legendary star Menna Shalaby by awarding them the Faten Hamama Honorary Award for their lifetime’s achievement.

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More masterclasses and in-conversations announced on the list of the the highly anticipated 2nd edition of Cairo Industry Days! Hurry up and register for your early bird accreditation for 400 EGP instead of 600 EGP, ending tomorrow. المزيد من المحاضرات والحوارات تنضم لجدول أيام القاهرة لصناعة السينما! اذا كنت من العاملين بصناعة السينما، قم بالتسجيل المبكر في أيام القاهرة لصناعة السينما مقابل ٤٠٠ جنية مصري بدلاً من ٦٠٠ جنية حتي يوم ١٥نوفمبر. اضغط على الرابط للتسجيل:اعتماد-أيام-القاهرة

A post shared by Cairo Film Festival (@cairofilms) on

Legendary director, screenwriter and actor Terry Gilliam will also be honored with a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’, during the opening ceremony of the festival.

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This is a special tribute to cinema, storytelling and exceptional imagination! We are happy to announce honouring legendary filmmaker Terry Gilliam, the maverick behind "Monty Python", "Brazil", "12 Monkeys" and many others, with the festival's prestigious "Lifetime Achievement Award". Fans will also get the opportunity to hear from the director during Cairo Industry Days' in-conversation event at the Cairo Opera House. إنه احتفاء بالسينما والحكي والخيال الاستثنائي.. يسعدنا أن نعلن تكريم صانع الأفلام الأسطوري تيري جيليام، الساحر الذي صنع "مونتي بايثون" و"برازيل" و"12 قردًا" وغيرها، بجائزة فاتن حمامة التقديرية عن مجمل أعماله. وسيتاح لجمهور السينما وصناعها الاستماع لجيليام في جلسة نقاشية تُعقد بدار الأوبر المصرية. #CIFF41

A post shared by Cairo Film Festival (@cairofilms) on

The ‘Irishman‘ will be the opening movie of the festival, which is the Middle East debut of legendary director Martin Scorsese, starring Academy Award-winning actors Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

A jury of the finest international talents, including Oscar-winning American screenwriter and director Stephen Gaghan, Italian screenwriter and director Daniele Luchetti, Moroccan producer Lamia Chraibi, and Chinese actress Qin Hailu, will be the ones deciding the winner of the coveted Golden and Silver Pyramid awards for best film and best director respectively.

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We’re proud to announce that the Middle Eastern premiere of Martin Scorsese’s crime epic, The Irishman, will be screened for the public on Thursday 21st at 1 pm @ Cairo Opera House, Grand Hall. Free tickets will be available starting 9:30 AM, on a first come first serve basis. #CIFF41 يسر مهرجان القاهرة السينمائي الدولي الإعلان عن عرض فيلم إفتتاح المهرجان "الأيرلندي"، من إخراج مارتن سكورسيزي، للجماهير يوم الخميس ٢١ نوفمبر. علماً بأن العرض مجاني، وبأسبقية الحضور. التذاكر ستكون متاحة بدئاً من الساعة ٩:٣٠ صباحاً.

A post shared by Cairo Film Festival (@cairofilms) on

Egyptian star Sherine Reda is a jury member for the Best Arab Film Award, While actress Hanan Motawie will be a jury member in Cinema of Tomorrow jury and last but not least, Hana Shiha will be the jury member in Horizons of Arab Cinema Competition.

Finally, if you’re looking to take part in this huge event and be present to witness history being made, you can now purchase all event tickets through Tazkarti’s website.


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What We Think About the Biggest Arab Drama ‘Mamalek El Nar’




The first episode of the Arab/Egyptian TV series ‘Mamalek El-Nar‘ aired on November 17th after long anticipation that followed the release of the trailer, soon after the audience started comparing the promising series to Game of Thrones, so is it really similar? Is it really as promising? Is it a replica or was GOT just an inspiration?

The series really is huge! The production for instance is described as “the biggest Arab drama of 2019 reportedly worth $40M,” and the plot will highlight the rule of Ottomans during their dominance of the Arab world in the early 16th century.

The series is written by Mohamed Suleiman Abdel-Malek and Ahmed Nada, directed by British Peter Weber and is starring Egyptian actor Khaled El-Nabawy, Syrian actors Mahmoud Nasr, Kinda Hanna and Rashid Assaf, Palestinian actor Abdelmoneim Aamayri, and many more Arab stars.

Watching the trailer, you could really see the strong resemblance between the series and the popular HBO’s Game of Thrones, what with the battles, the costumes, the music and even the rage.

But well, it takes A LOT to mimic such a legendary production, and it might be the inspiration but we surely can’t wait to see the results of this huge production.

We won’t be too quick to judge until we watch more episodes and we have high hopes that the rest will change our views, and prove that it is indeed an original story and not one where characters are fighting over a throne which is a plot that rings a bell to many.









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A ‘Friends’ Reunion Special Might Be Happening With HBO Max




Friends‘ fans gather around for this is the one where the reunion might actually be happening! After years and years of constant speculations and fans pleading for a reunion, the famed series ‘Friends‘ might finally be getting a half-reboot with HBO Max.

According to reports by the Hollywood Reporter, an officially formal deal hasn’t been done yet but it had been confirmed that our very loved six members, along with the series’ original creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane, are working on reuniting for an unscripted special on the streaming service giant HBO Max. 

We have high hopes this time even though for countless times, the cast and creators have shut down any possibility for a reunion.
Jennifer Anniston for instance shut down word of a Friends reboot last month with a flat out no but she did tell Ellen DeGeneres on the show that, “We would love for there to be something, but we don’t know what that something is. So we’re just trying. We’re working on something.”

According to other reports by Variety, this reunion special might only feature the cast and producers as they share their favorite stories and moments from the set, instead of the usual stories of Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey. 

For a Friends‘ enthusiast, we sure would love to see anything related to the old set and seeing our favorite characters reunite once again together.


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