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6 Simple Ways to Contributing to Saving the Environment



You’re probably tired of constantly hearing about environmental crisis and thinking that there is nothing you can do to contribute to saving the issue that gets bigger day by day, after all we get the same thought, what can one do in the face of all these critical issues?

Well, I can’t tell you that there a 100% effective solution but I can tell you how you can limit your own personal toxic contribution that harm the environment. It might not be much but it is something, the result might not appear in a day or two but on the long run, it certainly will.

Here are 6 simple ways to contribute to saving the environment:

1. Use Reusable Bags

The plastic bags you use for grocery end up in the ocean or landfills which can suffocate animals as they mistake them for food, that and in addition to bags taking a long time to decompose. Whether you’re shopping for books, clothes or groceries, use reusable bags instead in order to cut down on litter.

You can buy one paper bag and use it constantly when shopping, Metro supermarket started this initiative and you can buy the bag for 5 pounds only.

2. Print Less

It always bothered me as a college student to see the amount of paper used daily in printing, I remember how students printed each slide in a paper instead of choosing the option of printing several slides in one page. Try to print as less as you can, you can also try shifting to e-readers and choosing soft copies over hard ones, teachers care about the environment and would certainly understand your reasons.

3. Recycle

Recycling is easier and not as hard as many people claim, the least you could do is when you see a recycling bin, throw your garbage in its right category. You can also collect all of your plastic wastes and call a company to come collect them for recycling, that way you won’t be saving the environment only but you can also get cash!

4. Don’t Throw Your Notes Away

By the end of your semester, you end up with a ton of paper waste from all the notes, but instead of throwing them away, you can either contact a company to come collect your notes and books or simply give it to a student in need! There a lot of those indeed who could really benefit from your notes.

5. Save Water

Water scarcity is one of the most critical issues facing Egypt in specific, and contributing to saving this issue begins with you! There are so many ways for you to help starting by turning off the faucet while you brush you teeth, turning your shower on right as you’re about to get in and cutting down on long showers and limiting you water usage as you do the dishes.

6. Carpool

Owning a car is a necessity in Egypt but try whenever you can to limit using your car and carpooling when it’s possible, this will not only save the environment but will save you tons of money!


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Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church Suspends Services for One Month




Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox churches have announced the suspension of masses and other services in both Cairo and Alexandria as of Monday and the suspension will last for a month.

The suspension comes in light of the rising numbers of Covid-19 cases among clergymen and churchgoers.

The Coptic Orthodox Church on Saturday released an official statement that says the suspension includes Sunday’s schools, meetings, services and masses, and that priests in each church are allowed one mass weekly with a minimal presence and a maximum of five deacons only.

As for funeral services, they’re allowed to be held but with the participation of only one priest and one deacon and of course the family of the deceased. However, the halls that are designated for mourning services will be closed until the improvement of current conditions.

For Baptism services, the maximum number allowed are four member of the baby’s family.

The statement added that study at institutes and educational centres will carry on but with a reduced maximum of 25%.

As for the dioceses, each bishop get to decide what is most suitable to the health situation in his diocese, in partnership with the congregation of priests.

We urge all worshipers to remain safe and adhere to all the precautionary measures needed.




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The Oscars Will Be Held In-Person Telecast and Not Virtually




According to a report from Variety, the Oscars 2021 will be held in-person telecast and not virtually!

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has pushed the 73rd Academy Awards ceremony to the 15th of April next year, because by spring the theaters would be open again; allowing more movies to compete in the awards.

“The Oscars in-person telecast will happen,” Variety said on Tuesday, quoting a representative from the Academy.

“The Academy has done a walkthrough of the Dolby recently to see all the multiple options,” the report added, citing an awards publicist familiar with the situation.

The academy will of course be forced to cut down the number of attendees.

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Catch The Arab Premiere For Short Movie Henet Ward During Cairo Film Festival




Egypt’s short movie ‘Henet Ward’ will have its MENA premiere at Cairo Film Festival, where it will compete with other movies.

The movie has participated in more than 95 international festivals around the world in (50 different countries) including 20 festivals that qualify for the Oscar and BAFTA and the film has won 12 international awards since its world premiere in the official competition of the “Clermont Ferrand International Festival” in France.

The movie is directed by Murad Mostafa and will be competing in the Cairo Film Festival.

Henet Ward tackles the life of “Halima”, a Sudanese henna painter living in Egypt. She goes to one of Giza’s local areas to prepare a bride for her wedding and her 7 years old daughter “Ward” accompanies her and starts to wander around and discover the place.

The movie also stars Emad Goniem, Halima, and Hagar Mahmoud, among others.

The following are the screening times for the movie:

Arab premiere
Sunday December 6th | 3:30 PM | Hanager cinema hall in the Egyptian Opera House

Monday, December 7th | 1:00 PM | Odeon 2 cinema downtown

Share with us what you think of the movie when you catch the premiere!


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