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6 Simple Ways to Contributing to Saving the Environment



You’re probably tired of constantly hearing about environmental crisis and thinking that there is nothing you can do to contribute to saving the issue that gets bigger day by day, after all we get the same thought, what can one do in the face of all these critical issues?

Well, I can’t tell you that there a 100% effective solution but I can tell you how you can limit your own personal toxic contribution that harm the environment. It might not be much but it is something, the result might not appear in a day or two but on the long run, it certainly will.

Here are 6 simple ways to contribute to saving the environment:

1. Use Reusable Bags

The plastic bags you use for grocery end up in the ocean or landfills which can suffocate animals as they mistake them for food, that and in addition to bags taking a long time to decompose. Whether you’re shopping for books, clothes or groceries, use reusable bags instead in order to cut down on litter.

You can buy one paper bag and use it constantly when shopping, Metro supermarket started this initiative and you can buy the bag for 5 pounds only.

2. Print Less

It always bothered me as a college student to see the amount of paper used daily in printing, I remember how students printed each slide in a paper instead of choosing the option of printing several slides in one page. Try to print as less as you can, you can also try shifting to e-readers and choosing soft copies over hard ones, teachers care about the environment and would certainly understand your reasons.

3. Recycle

Recycling is easier and not as hard as many people claim, the least you could do is when you see a recycling bin, throw your garbage in its right category. You can also collect all of your plastic wastes and call a company to come collect them for recycling, that way you won’t be saving the environment only but you can also get cash!

4. Don’t Throw Your Notes Away

By the end of your semester, you end up with a ton of paper waste from all the notes, but instead of throwing them away, you can either contact a company to come collect your notes and books or simply give it to a student in need! There a lot of those indeed who could really benefit from your notes.

5. Save Water

Water scarcity is one of the most critical issues facing Egypt in specific, and contributing to saving this issue begins with you! There are so many ways for you to help starting by turning off the faucet while you brush you teeth, turning your shower on right as you’re about to get in and cutting down on long showers and limiting you water usage as you do the dishes.

6. Carpool

Owning a car is a necessity in Egypt but try whenever you can to limit using your car and carpooling when it’s possible, this will not only save the environment but will save you tons of money!


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Introducing Sukun: Body and Soul Retreats




At a time when technology has made our lives easier and where we all have greater means to be connected, cases of anxiety, depression, disconnection, self loathing and loneliness are flying through the roof.

The challenge most of us face is finding happiness; but happiness is fickle, so the real challenge is to find your… Sukun. Sukun Studios is a hub that focuses on providing you with the elements that help you overcome the emotional and mental challenges holding you back in the present day.

Launched in the middle of the pandemic that took over the world this years, is the first Yoga and Wellness platform in Egypt and going under the greater umbrella of “Alo Moves” throughout the Middle East. The online platform aims at providing high quality classes, series and podcasts for Yoga, Pilates, meditation and more.

The inclusive platform features some of the top instructors in Egypt with more specialists joining from across the Middle East providing lessons and classes, shot and produced at a premium standard. Sukun members get access to all the content and series that they can follow anytime from the comfort of their home or from any place they wish.

The platform was launched by Sarah Abdelmoneim, a highly experienced yoga specialist also the host of Nile FM’s Big Breakfast show. Sarah spent her life working her way up to senior positions in the corporate world until she decided to pursue her infatuation for self healing and wellness and moved to Bali for a year. During her time in India and Bali, She became certified in many disciplines in wellness with the goal of returning home to bring with her a treasure trove of knowledge to launch the brand that would be the catalyst for self healing and growth in the region.

In a matter of months, the platform grew attracting more members with growing popularity. Leading Sarah to launch the Summer Program in the North Coast. Sukun Studios launched classes in both Bianchi and Marassi with a plentiful portfolio of teachers and classes on the lovely beachfront.

Sukun launched two key retreats, one at the North Coast in July in collaboration with ‘Be Good to You’ and recently this October in Nuweiba retreat in collaboration with nine healing vibes at Aqua Sun Sinai. Sarah along with three amazing teachers, Laila Farouk, Cherine Samir and Noha (Zelphira) took the participants on a journey of ‘Rebirth’ through the use of yoga, sound healing, breath-work, hiking and exploring the gem that is Sinai.

Sarah hopes that her brand and the activities they provide are able to help everyone to “silence the chatter of the minds, to connect with their true selves.” She hopes that through the brand, people can find their “SUKUN”. The brand is growing by the day with numerous ideas and new concepts that are yet to be unleashed.

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Almost 700 Green Projects to Be Implemented By 2021 in Egypt




Egypt is planning on implementing around 700 green projects as part of Egypt’s fiscal plan for 2020-21, these projects will cost around EGP447.3 billion ($28.4 billion).

According to Minister of Planning and Economic Development Hala Al-Saeed, they are 691 projects to be exact and they represent 14% of the fiscal plan’s total public investment. This percentage is also expected to increase to 30 percent for 2021-2022.

The minister also added that there will incentives offered to ministries that shift towards green projects by prioritizing financing for them.

Workshops were held by the ministry to go through the guide on sustainability standards, which reflects the government’s vision in expanding sustainable development into its planning system.

Mohamed Farid, head of the infrastructure sector at the ministry, said that these projects that meet the sustainable standards will be prioritized over projects at the evaluation stage.

Also worth mentioning is that Thursday witnessed the launch of Egypt’s first green bond issue on the London Stock Exchange. The government green bond issue, worth $750 million for five years, is the largest in the Middle East and North Africa, and the first of its kind on the exchange.


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Waste Management Law Issued For the First Time to Regulate Egypt’s Plastic Waste




Constant efforts have been exerted the past years to limit and reduce the single use plastic bags. From awareness campaigns to countless initiatives, Egypt has seen a great progress environmentally and now another leap has been made with the issuing of a waste management law!

The law will regulate the free plastic bag at retail and limit the single use plastic bags imports and exports. This is an attempt to regulate the disposal of plastic wastes in Egypt and enhances Egypt’s waste handling and recycling processes.

According to a statement from Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad, a new state agency will handle Egypt’s waste management challenges after President Abdel Fattah El Sisi signed into law a bill that would regulate the industry. Moreover, in doing so and implementing such strategies, it’s expected that the move will attract foreign investment in Egypt’s waste management. 

The bill also includes investment incentives as well as other measures to encourage garbage collectors, small companies, private contractors, and recycling centers to join the formal economy.

Also worth mentioning is that International Cooperation Minister, Rania Mashat has recently just announced two impressive partnerships with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which will implement a 200-million-dollar project for improving the quality of air to combat climate change and reduce has emissions in Cairo.

This comes as a great stride to end plastic waste in Egypt that has long been a great issue facing our community.

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