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6 Honeymoon Destinations for Adventurous Newlyweds



We usually choose a popular destination and guide you through its details, but this time, we’re creating a list targeting the adventure junkies, those who like living on the edge and aren’t afraid of trying new things! This one goes to the adventurous couple…

Those who’re looking to start their life on a high note and are the daring kind of couple, so if you’re more of a lie-on-a-beach-with-a-coconut couple, this guide isn’t for you.

As for the risk lovers reading this, here are 6 amazing honeymoon destination to have quite the adventure in!

Namibia, Africa

300 days of sunshine a year, a desert experience like no other and the best wildlife on the planet! What else would one need? The country is also distinguished by the Namib Desert along its Atlantic Ocean coast and is home to diverse wildlife, including a significant cheetah population.

Also, rumor has it that this one of the destinations that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose for their honeymoon! Click here to read more about it.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Pichhu is every hiker’s dream destination for this specific killer view, it’s a marvel of mortar-free limestone architecture perched on a high plateau deep in the Amazonian jungle. Climbing to the top will greet you to a breathtaking views of the ancient Inca ruins, before travelling, make sure you read more on what to bring and what not to bring to Machu Picchu. 


It’s practically on top of anyone’s travel wish list for its beautiful sites, I mean imagine the thrill of hiking through achingly beautiful terrain, through waterfalls, and along desolate!

New Zealand

If you’re all about the outdoors and taking on new adventures then New Zealand makes an excellent choice as a getaway, you’ll get to hike through unbelievable terrain, tour its coastline and waterways by kayak and if you’re seeking more sense adventure, you can zip line or skydive!

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Caution: This isn’t only adventurous but spooky as well! Book a plush cabin at Dunton Hot Springs which was previously a site for a 19th-century ghost mining town! It is home to five amazingly sulfur-free hot springs and several authentic Wild West outings to choose from starting with snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, fly fishing to horseback riding, mountain biking, heli-skiing and even dogsledding. It depends of course on what time of the year you’re visiting.

Cape Town, South Africa

Looking to mix between luxury and adventure? Then Cape Town is the obvious choice, start your journey by scaling the iconic Table Mountain and book a private boutique hotel set in the middle of secret gardens and at night, take a full-moon hike to the steep Lion’s Head!

And of course don’t skip the safaris, Lions, elephants, leopards and more wildlife creatures await you!








British Airways to Suspend Over 36,000 Employees



British Airways

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many people have been fearing for their job due to the decreases in income and wages to help battle the virus. For more than a week now, British Airways has been discussing with the Unite Union about whether or not they will be forced to let off several employees.

For a while now, it has been claimed that the British Airways will be suspending at least 36,000 staff members in light of the Coronavirus. Based on the negotiations that have been going on with Unite Union, they have almost come to an agreement that up to 80% of British Airway’s cabin crew, Engineers, and Ground staff will have to be suspended.

This decision will be affecting the entire staff at London City Airport as well as Gatwik until the pandemic crisis is over. This will lead to thousands of people losing a lot of money creating yet another crisis within their homes. Most of the employees have large families to fend for as well as take care of, what will they do now?

Well, on the bright side, those who will be affected are to receive certain wages through the governments coronavirus job retention fund. This will be covering around 80% of an individual’s salary, leaving them with maximum £2,500 per month.

The employees aren’t too surprised with British Airway’s decisions. They wholeheartedly understand that since all flights are on a halt and all planes are situated on the ground, there is absolutely no need for all these employees since there will be absolutely no work for them to do.

British Airway has not yet asked help from the government, but so far Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor claims that all financial revenues should be exhausted before turning to the taxpayer.

Independent Aviation Analyst, John Strickland, states that these are tough negotiations between the Unite Union and British Airways, but so far, a decision has not been taken. We hope that when they come to a decision that people will be compensated for such and that they won’t have to be living on the streets.

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Evacuation Flight from France Was A Success




On Wednesday evening, the 1st of April, a flight carrying 87 Egyptian passengers who have been stranded in France due to the Coronavirus all this time have been brought back home. Such news has left the Egyptian citizens happy with all the efforts that have been put in getting their people safely home.

So far, the toll number of people that have tested positive with the Coronavirus in France has been 52,000 cases. Yes, such a big number.

If you remember, back in March, it was decided by the Egyptian government, Prime minister, and President Abd el Fattah el Sisi himself, that international flights are to be suspended until April the 15th to ensure the precautionary measures against the pandemic.

Luckily, the passengers that had arrived safely back to their homeland were rushed into quarantine at a nearby hotel. The hotel they had checked into was fully prepared and equipped for quarantine. The flight that came in was by the infamous airline , Egypt Air.

Nader Saad, Egyptian Cabinet Spokesman has filled us in on the details and procedure of bringing back the stranded Egyptians. Apparently, the nationals abroad were not allowed to come back home unless they fully agree on the decisions as well as signing a quarantine commitment letter. This meant that the citizens had to agree to being quarantined as soon as they arrive.

The enforcement of signing this later was decided after citizens coming back from Kuwait recently had refused to be quarantined, which is why drastic measure were forced to be taken. On a positive note, Saad stated that he had urged businessmen to deal and take care of the expenses made for the quarantine for the evacuated Egyptians.

So far, to keep our readers well informed, the Egyptian Ministry of Health had recorded yesterday that there are 544 new cases that confirmed positive for the coronavirus. The number of deaths have been 46 out of 710 ,while 157 of these people have recovered.

Khaled Megahed, Ministry’s Spokesperson, claimed that 205 people had proven negative while 5 Egyptians had died. Out of these 5 people, only two of them died right before checking in to a hospital. As for the 54 patients that had shown positive for the virus, they had contracted the virus from people who had tested positive abroad.



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Egypt Extends Flight Suspension for Two More Weeks




Minister of Information Osama Heikal has announced yesterday the extension of suspending flights for two more weeks.

Egypt has first suspended international flights to and from the country on March 19th until the end of the month. Now the extension will take place starting the first of April for two more weeks.

Flights allowing tourists to return to their countries were the only ones allowed to operate.

The news followed the announcement of nationwide curfew from 7:00 p.m until 6:00 a.m. that will be imposed starting today.


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