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6 Golden Rules for Long Hair



Long Hair

Hair is a girls best friend, whether long or short cuts. We as girls truly cherish our beautiful hair because it is a huge part of us. Some people say that hair is the soul of the human being and has so much wisdom in every strand, which is why gurus for instance let their beard and hair grow because their knowledge is the hair.

For girls, our hair is very beneficial for our looks and even character. Which is why we enjoy taking care of it so bad. Long hair, on the other hand, is quite harder to deal with than shorter hair. Firstly, it’s much longer so the routine is quite different and secondly, there’s more hair so it’s more difficult.

The first step to taking care of your long beautiful hair is to develop a routine through trial and error. Then comes the products you use and how you treat your hair. Read on for more tips!

Brush on a Daily Basis

03-Golden Rules People with Long Hair Should Memorize Now_206609122-gpointstudio

Since you have long hair, the hair strands tend to get tied up in minuscule knots that are so frustrating to untie. Make it a staple in your daily routine to brush out your hair slowly and patiently so as not to rip the hair strands from its roots. It is of crucial importance to purchase a good decent brush for your hair because cheaper brushes tend to cause extreme hair damage as well as dry out the hair of its nutrients.

Oil is your best friend

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The longer the hair, the longer the process. Having long hair might tire you out but its all worth it in the end. Make sure to massage the oil of your choice into your hair once a week. Since you have long hair, the natural oil your scalp tends to naturally produces doesn’t make it to the end of your hair which means the lower part of your hair is dried out the most. Which is why weekly thorough oil massages is a must.

Satin Pillow Cases

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Satin is a girl’s best friend when it comes to taking care of your hair. Ordinary clothed pillow cases are dry and too rough for your hair cuticles, which is why you should switch out your pillowcases for satin ones to help reduce hair breakage, damage, and dryness.


Satin Bonnets

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Hair can be easily damaged or dried out because of the air and your harsh movements throughout the day. For instance, winter might be the best time of the year, but the cold harsh weather is terrible for your hair. Purchase satin bonnets to wear under your beanies, in bed, or simply at home. The more you take care of it, the better your hair condition.



Image result for argan oil conditioner

Conditioner is a crucial step to keeping your hair long and health. Don’t miss out on deep conditioning each week or even applying a hair mask. These two steps are super important because they are what keeps the hair moistured until your next wash. Feel free to purchase a good hair mask and conditioner because other products will strip your hair of its nutrients.

Revive Don’t Trim

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I’m a true believer in reviving your hair of its damaged state. We are told we have to trim our split ends every once in a while. But haven’t you thought of reviving your split ends and fixing them rather than just cutting them off? This step is truly beneficial, especially for those of you who are trying to grow out their hair.

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Egypt Signs Deal To Receive A Supply of COVID-19 Vaccine From Oxford University




Remember when we told you that there are a number of trials being done for several vaccines? Remember how we told you Egypt had already signed a deal to get one of these vaccines and was trying to sign yet another deal to get the Oxford University’s vaccine?

Well, great news once again! The Egyptian Drug Authority had announced the signing of a deal with AstraZeneca to get a supply of the Oxford University’s vaccine for coronavirus without disclosing the number of doses or the delivery date.

Ahmed Salman is an Egyptian researched who is among the team working on the vaccine at Oxford university and he said in in a phone-in with Amr Adib that the vaccine is currently in the human trials phase.

Salman further explained that the vaccine consists of a version of coronavirus that infects chimpanzees. This helps disables the virus ability to reproduce, as to prepare the body to destroy COVID-19 once infected.

Health and Protective Affairs Consultant to the President Mohamed Awad Tag el-Din stated in a phone-in that Egypt was expected to receive a share of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University. This phone call was held earlier this month.

The consultant pointed out that the company producing the vaccine developed by Oxford University has granted India the right to produce two billion doses. He also added that clinical trials of other vaccines are ongoing in China, India, and other countries.

Now, we just hope and pray that these clinical trials go well and that soon enough, we can get our hands on an actual vaccine.


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What You Need to Know About Ongoing Trials For A Coronavirus Vaccine




We understand that you’re starving for some good news and because the word ‘vaccine’ is the most appealing this year, we have gathered most of the information and updates you need to know regarding finding a vaccine for COVID-19.

So yes, all what follows are good news aimed at lifting up your spirits.

1st Clinical Test in Japan of Coronavirus Vaccine to Start June 30

1st clinical test in Japan of coronavirus vaccine to start June 30

A clinical test of a potential vaccine for the new coronavirus developed by medical startup Anges Inc. will start on June 30 in Japan, Osaka Gov. Hirofumi Yoshimura made the announced yesterday, hoping that it can be put it into practice next year.

“I think it will be the first clinical test (of a coronavirus vaccine) on humans in Japan,” Yoshimura told a press conference.

So when can we expect it? Yoshimura said it is possible to produce the DNA vaccine for 200,000 people by the end of this year and they are applying for state approval between spring and fall of next year, if of course the human trial proves its effectiveness in preventing COVID-19 infection.

China’s COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Shows Promise in Human Trials

China National Biotec Group (CNBG) announced on Tuesday that its experimental coronavirus vaccine has succeeded in triggering antibodies in clinical trials and that the company is planning the late-stage human trials in foreign countries.

The vaccine has been developed by a Wuhan-based research institute affiliated to CNBG’s parent company China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharm).

It was found to have induced high-level antibodies in all inoculated people without serious adverse reaction, according to the preliminary data from a clinical trial initiated in April which included 1,120 healthy participants aged between 18 and 59.

UAE Stem Cell Treatment Makes ‘Positive’ Progress In Helping To Cure COVID-19

The UAE is joining in the battle against the virus! It’s not a vaccine but a treatment which is just as good.

Arabian Business reported that stem cell treatment for patients suffering from the virus has shown “positive” results, according to Dr. Fatima Al Kaabi, consultant and head of Hematology and Oncology Department at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, and senior specialist in research related with the stem cell project.

The treatment was given to 73 individuals with mild and moderate symptoms.

67 percent of patients of those who received stem cell therapy for the virus have been cured, with improvements in condition occurring after four days after the treatment was administered.

“All the patients who were treated with stem cells, recovered in less than seven days, three times faster than those treated with conventional methods,” Dr Al Kaabi said, according to Arabian Business.

Egypt Signs Deal to Receive Japan’s Avigan and Attempting To Get Oxford University Vaccine

FILE PHOTO: Small bottles labeled with a "Vaccine COVID-19" sticker and a medical syringe are seen in this illustration taken taken April 10, 2020. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

Where does Egypt stand in all of this? Egypt signed a deal to receive Japan’s Avigan and is attempting to get the vaccine developed at Oxford University.

Avigan helps in accelerating the recovery of patients and Egypt is exerting efforts to get a share of the vaccine developed by Oxford University.


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Ahalyna: First Electronic Hospital For Online Coronavirus Consultation




With the number of coronavirus patients on the rise, people with mild symptoms choose to be quarantined at home. Some are forced to with the unavailability of public hospitals.

Not all private hospitals accept coronavirus patients and so with the need to get the treatments at home, this hospital has chosen to go digital and serve patients with exactly what they need!

Ahalyna hospital is an electronic one, founded by Egyptian doctors, who aim at helping those who are self-isolated at home and not getting their treatments at hospitals.

All the hospitals’ online services are completely for free and so far, around 200 doctors have taken part in this wonderful and quite helpful initiative.


The hospitals have doctors from different specialties, who are all keen in helping those patients who can’t afford to get treatments at a public or private hospitals.

But keep in mind that this isn’t a substitute to hospitals but merely a solution for those who can’t find a spot at hospitals, and whom physical health allows them to be quarantined at home.

They are also calling out for volunteers. Visit their Facebook page now for more information.

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