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5 Winter Destination For Beach Lovers



Winter is coming! The season that many anticipates and others dread, the season of conflict between winter lovers and summer lovers. But there are indeed some valid reasons for team winter to prefer the season, and one of those reasons is that winter marks the time to explore other spots in Egypt.

For the summer lovers who say it is better because you get to enjoy the beach and sunny days, we introduce to you the following list of serene destinations that you could certainly enjoy in winter more than in summer.

1. Ras Muhammed National Park

For the adventurous part in you, Ras Mohammed is the ideal destination if you’re looking to disconnect to reconnect with yourself. It is perfect for campers and hikers, as you get to hike through the mountains and swim in the Red Sea. All you will need with you on the trip is a good book, speakers for good music and well, food.

2. Siwa

Who said you have to travel abroad in order to devour new cultures? Siwa is that kind of destination, where beauty meets their unique culture. In Siwa, you can enjoy cycling around while taking in the fresh and amazing weather, you can also blow off some steam by relaxing in hot springs that make a natural Jacuzzi.

An extra point is that the locals are very friendly and would make sure that your stay is a comfortable one.

3. Luxor&Aswan

A great place if you’re looking to escape the cold weather and go for a warmer, sunnier one plus tons of sightseeing to do. Aswan for instance is rich with Nubian culture and breathtaking scenes. The trip is your ideal way to reconnect with the old heritage and witness the magnificent ancient Egypt.

If you’re planning a trip, make sure you make it a cruise one because who wouldn’t love waking up in the middle of the Nile?

4. Dahab

Well of course our list will include Dahab, the destination has become very popular lately and not just during winter but all year long. The destination is perfect if you’re the kind of person looking to let go of the stress by reconnecting with the nature, it is your opportunity to just relax by the sea and enjoy the astounding scenery of mountains embracing you.

Dahab also combines between the city life and the camping one, where you get to do basically everything from scuba diving and hiking to clubbing at night.

5. El Gouna

If you think you need to travel far for the best beaches in the world, well think again because you probably haven’t seen Gouna beaches yet. El Gouna has several ones, all of which are amazing and the nightlife is one you don’t want to miss out on. Gouna has countless numbers of hotels and resorts that you can choose from, whether you want to spend your holiday luxuriously or on-budget.

So tell us, which destination appealed to you the most?



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Gallup Ranks Egypt the 8th Safest Country in the World




Gallup has just recently issued their 2019 Global Law and Order Report and Egypt has advanced on the global index of safety and security by landing the 8th place.

According to the report, Egypt is the 8th safest country on an international level and with a score of 92 points, it successfully ranked the 2nd safest in the Arab region followed by the UAE in the third place.

This means that Egypt is considered safer than the US and UK on an international level.

“The 2019 Global Law and Order report presents the results from Gallup’s latest measurements of people’s answers to questions based on interviews with nearly 152,000 adults in 142 countries and areas in 2018,” the report said. 

Participants had to answer questions like whether or not they felt safe walking alone at night or if they ever got mugged or assaulted, and so based on their answers, the report proved that Egypt is indeed one of the safest countries.




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Hurghada Museum to Be Inaugurated in December




Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), Mostafa Waziri announced yesterday that a new museum is set to be inaugurated by the end of December in Hurghada.

According to Waziri, this project marks the first cooperation with the private sector and is one of many that the Ministry of Antiquities intend to undertake soon.

The museum is expected to be of a world-class level that meets the standards of worldwide museums, it will showcase the luxurious part of the Egyptian civilization throughout the years.

Manifestations of Sports activities will also be displayed including river fishing and hunting, the museum will also witness music and dance events.


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Your Ultimate Honeymoon Guide to The Maldives PT I




If Maldives is your honeymoon destination then congrats for you have picked one of the best and most dreamy places in the world! The Maldives have everything a couple look for in a honeymoon, from its white-sand beaches to the blue skies and mesmerizing turquoise waters.

But where do you even begin planning such a trip? Where to stay and where to go? Well, this is what this guide was made for and that is to guide you through everything you need to know for the perfect honeymoon.


Egyptians don’t need a visa for Maldives! Yes, you heard that right. You can obtain your visa on arrival for a stay up to 30 days, which can also be extended. Applicants must show evidence of return transportation and a hotel accommodation plus a sufficient amount of money.

When to travel

The Maldives is sunny all year round but the best time to visit is between November and April. The high season is between December and March and the monsoon runs from May to October. Stick to the dry season because during rainy days, there won’t be much activities to do, so it’s certainly worth the higher price.


Male International Airport is the Maldives‘ main international airport. It is located on Hulhule Island in the North Male Atoll, near the capital island Male.

The flight ticket is a bit pricey but keep in mind the heavenly destination that you’re heading for, prices of tickets during the season might start at 30K.

Getting to your resort

Transfers from the airport to your resort island are either by a domestic flight, a seaplane or a boat which are all pretty cool. It depends mainly on the distance, make sure to resolve this before traveling because if your destination requires a seaplane, they only operate in daylight hours. So if you arrive after sunset, you will have to spend the night in Male.

Don’t panic though and remember that the seaplane trip is an experience itself as you get to enjoy stunning views, so make sure you get a window seat!


The Maldives are a tropical heaven and are ideal for the couple looking to enjoy quality and alone time by the beach. There are lots of water sports that you can enjoy, the underwater life there is truly fascinating and thus is known to be a driver’s dream come true.

Most resorts will have quite the busy entertainment program for you but there are no sightseeing included, so if you’re not looking forward to staying all day by the beach and spending your days snorkeling and diving, then you should probably rethink having the Maldives as your honeymoon destination.


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