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5 Pages You Should Follow If You Are An Environmentalist



Remember last week when we reminded you of the big role you can play in order to contribute in saving the environment? Well, if you have started applying our tips on how to help the environment and are eager for more ways, the following Instagram pages are the answer to your needs!

Some of the below pages just help in spreading awareness about the environment, while others actually do the solving and then there are some that help by providing a specific service.

Either way, following these pages will surely help you as you take your baby steps towards saving the environment!

1. Greenish

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ليه ODP مش حل؟ على الرغم ان الشركة بتدعى انه تم اختباره بشكل خاص ووجد أنه قابل للتحلل في المحيطات في مختبرات في فرنسا و المملكة المتحدة ووفقًا لبعض المعايير الأمريكية للمواد البلاستيكية التي تتحلل في البيئة من خلال مزيج من الأكسدة والتحلل الحيوي، الا انه لا يتوافق مع المعايير الأوروبية! ودا بيرجع لان من الناحية النظرية ، جميع المواد تقريبًا تتحلل في النهاية حتى في البيئة المفتوحة باستثناء الصخور والمعادن. ولكن لا يمكن تطبيق النظرية دى على تحلل المواد البلاستيكية كوسيلة للتخلص من التلوث، الا لو التحلل حصل فى مدة زمنية "معقولة". وعشان كدا مجموعة واسعة من العلماء والمؤسسات الدولية والحكومية ومختبرات الاختبار والرابطات التجارية لمصنعي المواد البلاستيكية والقائمين بإعادة تدويرها توصلوا إلى أن البلاستيك القابل للتحلل بالأكسدة غير مناسب كحل للنفايات البلاستيكية أو الاستخدام طويل الأجل أو إعادة التدوير أو السماد. شكر خاص لدكتور راجية و أعضاء ائتلاف مصر تمنع البلاستيك على مجهودهم فى هذا البحث المصدر: OBP companies claims that it has been specifically tested and found biodegradable in the oceans in France, the UK, and according to some American Standards for Plastics that Degrade in the Environment by a Combination of Oxidation and Biodegradation, But It is not compliant with European standard! As almost all materials ultimately may biodegrade even in the open environment excluding rocks and metals, though some will do so only after sometimes hundreds of years or more. Looking at biodegradation of plastics as a mean to avoid pollution hence only makes practical sense if this is linked to a “reasonable” time frame. That's why a wide range of scientists, international and governmental institutions, testing laboratories, trade associations of plastics manufacturers, recyclers and other experts have therefore come to the conclusion that oxo-degradable plastics are not suited for solving plastic littering, long-term use, recycling or composting. Special Thanks to Dr. Ragia and Egypt Ban Plastic Coalition members for their efforts to do this research. For References://

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‘Greenish is a social enterprise spreading awareness & education about the environment.’ They do cleaning events (which requires volunteers), they hold up-cycling workshops and panels.

How can you help? Well, for starters you can follow their page for informative posts about the environment, second you can take part in their cleaning events or if you’re a true environmentalist with a strong background, you can join as freelance facilitator to develop and deliver workshops for schools, NGOs and businesses.

2. Green Pan


Now, this is a pretty interesting and beneficial initiative that your mothers should actually be the ones aware about! Green Pan is an initiative offering a green and safe waste cooking oil disposal service, what they do is collect used bottles of cooking oil from housewives and in exchange, they provide them household products. So its a win win situation for both you and the environment!

3. Go Clean

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Go clean is collaborating with “Banque du caire” to save our planet ! And create a better world for everyone This fish sculpture is here to raise awareness about the damage done by plastic materials to our beloved marine. Allowing everyone to dispose their plastics/paper/metal waste in it. Go Clean will collect & recycle them straight away . Most importantly, According to the weight of the recyclables inside the fish , donations will be given to those in need . This is how you can save the planet and help others with Go Clean and “Banque du Caire” Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. You’ll find the fish in Bianchi, lavista & Haciendas Bay ‏go clean تتعاون مع "Banque du caire" لإنقاذ كوكبنا! وخلق عالما أفضل للجميع. هذا المجسم السمكي موجود هنا لرفع مستوى الوعي حول الأضرار التي تلحقها المواد البلاستيكية ببيئتنا البحرية. تسمح للجميع بالتخلص من نفايات البلاستيك / الورق / المعادن فيها. سوف تقوم ‏Go Clean بجمعها وإعادة تدويرها على الفور. الأهم من ذلك ، وفقا لوزن المواد القابلة لإعادة التدوير داخل السمكة ، سيتم تقديم التبرعات للمحتاجين. هذه هي الطريقة التي يمكنك بها إنقاذ الكوكب ومساعدة الآخرين عن طريق Go Clean و "Banque du Caire" وحدنا يمكننا أن نفعل القليل جدا ؛ معا يمكننا أن نفعل الكثير. ستجد الأسماك في بيانكي ولافيستا وهاسيندا باي

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Go Clean is a recycling solutions company aiming to increase awareness towards the environment by including the consumer inside the recycling process and they are rewarded with several incentives. So basically, all you gotta do to help save the environment is save your waste, contact them and actually get a reward in exchange!

4. Save Egypt’s Water


Water scarcity is one of the most crucial issues facing Egypt and the effort put in this page to help combat the issue is quite impressive! They provide followers with tips on how to save water and their posts are informative, detailed and thorough.

How can you help? Simply follow their advises and live by them.

5. Banlastic Egypt

Another critical issue worldwide is plastic waste and this page aims at banning single use plastic in Egypt by offering alternative green products and spreading awareness through workshops and organizing beach cleanups.

How to help? Use their alternatives for plastic bags or join them in one of their cleanups!


Samira Said Drops Latest Hit With International Music Marvik El Nabulsi!




Arab music’s Diva Samira Said just released her long-awaited hit ‘Ott W Far’ with international music producer El Nabulsi and it’s taking the music scene by storm!

The first child of over 18 months of work, and it is the mutual appreciation and respect between the superstar and El Nabulsi that allowed them to take innovative steps with the latest hit.

Drawing inspiration from K-Pop, Reggaeton and RnB with Rock undertones, El Nabulsi has been able to explore and experiment with this track bringing together an entirely unique sound. The subtle and unorthodox approach taken in all aspects, from lyrics, production and even styling intends to make a statement, which is nothing strange for the superstar.

In line with Samira’s style of powerful, independent and charismatically sassy energy, a highly anticipated product that is under her perfectionist eye, ‘Ott W Far’ is a fiery tale of the confrontation of infidelity, Samira’s energy manifests in a powerful and resonant statement in a spirit of defiance in the face of such an act.

In spite of the difficulties faced in the wake of the Corona epidemic and the challenges it presents to artists and fans, a collaboration with TikTok allowed fans to enjoy an exclusive online concert for the superstar celebrating the release.

This song being the first collaboration with potentially more exploring both Egyptian and Moroccan styles and vocals, El Nabulsi has large plans for the future, with collaborations with more stars in the Middle East in the works, from Syrian superstar Asaala to Kuwaiti giant Bader Al Shoeibi and more!

Since he entered the scene in Egypt in 2016, El Nabulsi intends to spark new life in a region’s artistry that has always had his appreciation. Step by step, his influence has been felt. From being chosen for the honor of working on the songs for the World Youth Forum three years back to back to working on high level projects with key names in the industry, El Nabulsi stands to be a notably unique influence on the music scene in the region for years to come.

From the mere age of 11, London born and raised El Nabulsi began experimenting with a Sony Acid music production software app that came with his cereal box, El Nabulsi has continued to develop his talents. Always Striving to cross pollinate talent from different genres with the Arab world. Potential future collaborations with artists such as Sherine and Hossam Habib to add to his list, with names such as P. Diddy, Mario Winans, The Sugababes, Tinie Tempah, Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd), Hossam Habib, Sherine, Hamaki, Amal Maher, Tamer Ashour and Esseily. His favored project being “Mosh Hansah” by Amal Maher, featuring Pink Floyd’s Guy Pratt, with his work with Hossam Habib’s album “Faraa’ Keteer” and Sherine’s album “Nassay” being important steps in his career.

Click on the link now to watch the video and tell us what you think!



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Memory of the City: New Initiative to Document Egypt’s Architectural Heritage




‘Memory of the City’ is the newest initiative launched by the Egypt’s Ministry of Culture with the aim of documenting the architectural identity of ancient areas in Egypt.

Minister Inas Abdel Dayem said that Egypt’s architectural heritage represent the history of civilizations and the formation of urban life and its development. 

Abdel Dayem further explained that Egypt’s rich architectural treasures are a product of various historic influences that all came together to form the country’s unique heritage.

Abdel Dayem further pointed out that the “Memory of the City” Initiative is a humanitarian and historical message with the aim of preserving the nation’s unique features.

Also worth mentioning is that the “Memory of the City” initiative includes launching a series of books that highlights areas with a great historical value, in addition to setting boundaries and foundations to preserve this rich history.

The series tells multiple stories of buildings, their residents, the community and environment. All of this comes as part of the Ministry’s efforts in preserving the identity of these Egyptian areas and shed the light on their significant part of the Egyptian cultural heritage.



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New Swine Flu With Pandemic Potential Found in China




A new type of swine flu has been discovered by Chinese researchers with the possibility of infecting humans and causing yet another pandemic! The study was released on Monday.

Scientists warn about the virus but for the time-being, they say that it doesn’t impose an immediate global threat.

The disease, knows as the G4 virus, is genetically descended from the H1N1 swine flu that caused a pandemic in 2009. G4 nowshows “all the essential hallmarks of a candidate pandemic virus,” said the study, published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

We know how scary this sounds but Dr. Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University’s public health school, asked the public not to “freak out.”

“Our understanding of what is a potential pandemic influenza strain is limited,” she posted on Twitter. “Sure, this virus meets a lot of the basic criteria but it’s not for sure going to cause a hypothetical 2020 flu pandemic, or even be a dominant strain in humans.”

No evidence has shown yet that G4 could be transmitted from one person to another, perhaps the most promising sign so far, said Carl Bergstrom, a professor of biology at the University of Washington.

“This is not a *new* new virus; it’s been very common in pigs since 2016,” he tweeted. “There’s no evidence that G4 is circulating in humans, despite five years of extensive exposure. That’s the key context to keep in mind.”

However, researchers are warning the public that the virus is rising among large populations and could and could “pose a serious threat to human health” if not carefully monitored.
Transmission of the virus from pig to human could “lead to severe infection and even death,” said the study.
So should you be worried? For the time-being no but no one knows what this could mean for us in the future.

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