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5 Drastic Changes Happening in KSA we Didn’t See Coming



Saudi Arabia has been witnessing some drastic changes we have never seen coming. Those changes are definitely for the better and it is transforming the way we think of the Kingdom.

Here are 5 drastic changes:

Women are allowed to drive:

Women weren’t allowed to drive cars till last October, It is said that women will start to drive late this year.

Live music concerts:

Saudi Arabia from no live music at all for hosting the biggest names in the region from Heba Tawaji, Omar Khairat to Mohamed Hamaki and Tamer Hosney


Can you guess which movie was the first to be screened in Saudi Cinemas?

Well, it was the hit, Black Panther

Arab Fashion Week:

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The ballet show from 4-6 pm is cancelled. If you have purchased the tickets for that show your ticket will be updgraded to Gala dinner with the performance of Russian Ballet, See you at 8:30 pm , The Ritz Carlton Riyadh. #AFWHuaweiKSA #Arabfashionweekriyadh #BMWKSA #Arabfashionweek #RitzCarlton #Riyadh #RCMemories #AHKGroup #jamillapaulhairartist #wellaamea #wellaproksa #wellahair #Richardmille #RichardMilleRiyadh #comfortperfumesdeluxe #makeupforevermea #lifeisastage #lazurde_fashion #lazurde #arabfashioncouncil #jacobabrian #imanartist @makeupforevermea @wellaproksa @richardmilleofficial @bmw @huaweimobileksa @lazurde @comfortarabia #اسبوع_الموضة_العربي #مجلس_الازياء_العربي

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An Arab fashion week edition happened in Saudi Arabia with a Russian Ballet performance

A Church?


Thanks to Pope Tawadros, Saudi Arabia will open its first church

After meeting with the Saudi ambassador in Cairo, Ahmed Kattan, they have reached an agreement to establish the first church ever built inside Saudi Arabia.

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Pregnant Woman Beats COVID-19



Pregnant Woman

So far, we have witnessed various scary Coronavirus cases that left us trembling for our lives to the core. Dozens were left dead or even in severe situations which is why we have been strictly warned to abide by the quarantine.

It was broadcasted that a 30 year old woman who is pregnant has been affected with the Coronavirus pandemic. Fortunate for her and her fetus, she had miraculously recovered from the disease. She was admitted to Esna Specialized Hospital where she underwent strict quarantine and supervision.

The woman who is in her 8th month of pregnancy had proven negative twice which mislead her after her third test had proved positive. Now fully recovered from COVID-19, the doctor advised her to conduct a test for her baby as soon as it’s born.

Apparently, the woman had contracted the virus in the Red Sea from a woman who had tested positive. Similar to the pregnant woman, the patient that had tested positive was also rushed to Esna Specialized Hospital.

What we know so far is that the toll for the patients who have been infected with the virus is almost close to a thousand. Whereas the death toll is 66 and the number of people who have recovered is 296.

For those of you who are pregnant or expecting a child, you must be extremely careful since you’re carrying another person inside you and if something will happen to your fetus, there is no way to ensure its safety until it is outside of the womb. So take extra caution and remember to stay healthy by increasing your immune system.

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Egypt’s National Cancer Institute is At Stake




Breaking News: It has been confirmed yesterday, Saturday evening, that at least 17 doctors as well as nurses at the NCI, Egypt’s National Cancer Institute, have tested positive for COVID-19. Cairo University, the ones who manage the country’s main cancer hospital, were the ones to break the news.

An investigation will be opened to look into the new cases of why these doctors have proven severe negligence and to also punish those whom are responsible.

Cairo University spokesman, Mahmoud Alam El-Din, stated that the University has decided to restrict the outpatient clinics only for emergency cases since they had closed the NCI yesterday for only one day as preventive measures. Alam El-Din has taken precautionary measures to keep the medical staff at the hospital safe.

Two new teams have been appointed for infection control in order to manage the issue in the coming period. University President, Mohamed Othman El Khesht has reviewed the medical criteria at the hospital to ensure the safety of the workers, medical staff, and the patients of course.

It was only announced yesterday that the NCI hospital has found people who have tested positive whereas it has been announced on Friday on their Facebook page that an increase in the Coronavirus patients was found.

Dr. Hatem Abdul-Kasse, NCI Director, had spoken to MBC Masr Satellite Channel on Friday and had told them that the infections at the hospital have reached 15 people. This has compromised at least three doctors and 12 nurses after testing 45 people from the medical staff.

It was admitted that some of these infections were detected a week ago after one of the male nurses had shown symptoms of the Coronavirus but was quarantined nonetheless. He then later tested positive which left people in question as to why this was all kept a secret from the public.

Abdul Kassem states that the NCI is under sever sterilization and will continue to do so until the safety of everyone is ensured.

So far, the pandemic has increased to 120 cases, eight fatalities, and over a thousand people who are infected so far. This news has left us all in fear but we assure you that there is no reason to be scared if you’re following the correct quarantine measures.


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School Students Suffer from Heavy Workload




In light of what has been going on around the world and Egypt specifically, the Coronavirus has caused so much mayhem and conflicts on a large scale. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, government officials have instated that people should stay at home in order to “Break the Chain”.

They started out by giving schools and employees 2 weeks to stay at home and quarantine in hopes of matters simmering down a little and the virus maybe diminishing altogether. At first, this was great news to all the people who were forced to wake up and get out of bed on a daily basis.

The only conflict of such a decision was having to proceed working as well as studying from home, especially since the quarantine had been elongated and that a curfew was imposed right after.

School students for instance were asked to download an application called “Zoom” to resume classes online and proceed with their learning curriculum. At first, it was proven difficult for the teachers let alone the students to maneuver and use the application, but with time and trial and error, people were learning to adjust to the circumstances, especially since their grades are depending on that.

On the other hand, once teachers got the hang of using Zoom, they showed no mercy. After asking several parents that have kids around the age of 10 and above in grades like 4 of 5, they had claimed that their children are going through a lot at this current time.

We were told that their children get to bed at around 5AM in the morning. What? At other times, if they were lucky, the earliest they’d get to bed on a school night (Zoom online classes) was 2AM in the morning.

Parents have been complaining from the amount of work load given to the kids who are of young age, especially those who go to schools that teach difficult subject and curriculums such as German, French, and so on so forth. The teachers are showing no mercy at giving their students sheets and sheets of homeworks and lessons that they need to learn and work on in such little time.

We understand that in light of the COVID-19 circumstances, we have lost so much educational time trying to figure out how to handle the situation but the kids are finding it super difficult to keep up. I mean, what school student is forced to stay up till 5AM in the morning trying to finish their work? Only college students are forced to do so because they have a larger heavier load of work, but at the end of the day, these are just kids and we need to take it a bit easy on them.

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