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5 Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations



Wedding expenses were pretty high? Affording a honeymoon abroad seems impossible? Well, for those couples who are always torn between having a wedding or traveling abroad for the honeymoon, we’re helping you do both!

You can have a lovely small wedding on budget and still be able to travel abroad to a country that isn’t quite expensive and have the best of both worlds.

For those budget-friendly honeymoon destinations, check the below list and start planning both your dream wedding and destination!


Bali is known for its incredible views and the budget-friendly prices, the place gives you the experience of a luxurious life minus the insane prices. There is a reason it has become one of the most popular island holiday destination in Indonesia, and lately became a top romantic destination for honeymooners; because of its exotic nature and breathtaking scenery.

For your travel guide to Bali, click here.


This beautiful country mixes between old Europe and traditional Mediterranean, it’s perfect for a romantic getaway because of the luxurious hotels, coastlines, and wine lands that offer top notch food and world-class wine.

You must visit the seaside towns of Porec and Rovinj and go truffle hunting and soak up the sunshine as you indulge in local oysters and wine.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

The destination offers a worm and tropical getaway in Mexico, Riviera Maya is located on the east coast of Mexico, on the Caribbean Sea. For instance you have the town Tulum that makes a stunning backdrop to your honeymoon, there is also the lively city of Playa Del Carmen.

For beach lovers, this is the place where you get to enjoy mesmerizing resorts, amazing seafood dinning experience and the remarkable white-sand beaches.


Thailand has everything a couple may look for in their honeymoon from tropical beaches to wandering around ancient ruins, ornate temples and royal palaces. The country also has a lot romantic honeymoon destinations, so that you can get the full experience of Thailand.

For the full guide to Thailand, click here.


Belize is a Caribbean country located on the northeastern coast of Central America. Belize is bordered on the northwest by Mexico, on the east by the Caribbean Sea. 

In Belize, you’ll get to enjoy beach life at its best and a number of water activities including scuba diving, waterfall treks, as you enjoy the incredible natural beauty in Belize. You can take a scenic flight over the Great Blue Hole, take a sunset catamaran cruise, or explore Mayan ruins for the ultimate tropical getaway.

Planning a budget-friendly honeymoon isn’t easy but possible if you’re willing to give up on living luxuriously during your stay, and choosing to seek the adventure and just enjoying the experience instead.

So, start by choosing a destination that isn’t pretty expensive, plan for your trip on your own by  booking cheaper places to stay in through AirBnb instead of five-star hotels and finally cut down on the expenses of fine dining and shopping as much as you can.

At the end, it’s all about the company of your loved one!

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Egypt Hopes to Land Another Spot on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site With Wadi El Natrun




Egypt Hopes to Land Another Spot on UNESCO's World Heritage Site With Wadi Natrun

Egypt has applied Wadi El Natrun monastery to the UNESCO World Heritage List, in an attempt to gain the country its 8th site on the list.

Egypt already has six cultural sites and one natural on the list including Abu Mena heritage site of Alexandria, Thebes and Memphis, Nubian Monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae, historic Cairo, Catherine area and the Whale Valley in Fayoum.

Egypt has applied with Naturn Valley after finally preparing all the needed procedures to include the site to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The area that is home to four beautiful ancient monasteries that still boast monastic life.

These monasteries date back to the fourth century of saints Bishoy and Macarius, the Parameos Monastery, and the sixth-century Syrian Monastery.

The Vatican has approved the valley as a pilgrimage point back in 2018, because the areas are believed to have witnessed the arrival of the holy family during their journey of fleeing the persecution of King Herod.

If Wadi El Natrun makes it to the heritage list, this will mark Egypt’s third Christian site to be included in the World Heritage list and is a proof of how Egypt has always embraced Christianity.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!

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Tutankhamun Opera to Debut During The Opening Ceremony of the GEM




Acclaimed Egyptologist Zahi Hawass has given a lecture in Nessour Cultural salon, during which he made a few announcements regarding the inauguration of the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM.) 

First thing he said was that the GEM is truly the most important archaeological project of the 21st century, he then revealed that the script for Tutankhamun Opera has been finished and will debut during the opening ceremony of the Grand Egyptian Museum in late 2020.

He further announced that one of the most significant scenes in the Opera will revolve around Nefertiti’s attempt to kill Tutankhamun and snatch the throne from him to give for one of her six daughters.

The opera is composed by Zamboni and shall be completed this December.

Hawass also added that the 4th of November will mark the centenary of the discovery of Tutankhamun tomb, and the DNA tests will let the world in on several information regarding his death and will reveal to the entire world how the young king dies.

We can’t wait for this remarkable work of art to open and to witness it change tourism in Egypt for the better good!


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Cairo Makes it to the List of Top Favored Destinations For Kuwaitis




According to the General Administration of Civil Aviation’s initial analysis of February, Cairo has made it to the list of top favored destinations for Kuwaitis who are seeking a getaway on their holidays.

Air Transport Observer for Aviation Operations in the General Administration of Civil Aviation, Raed al-Taher says that around 500,000 tourists are going to spend their February national holidays outside the country.

For Kuwaitis, they are used to traveling outside the country from February 20 until February 29.

Taher also added that the total number of flights at Kuwait International Airport is expected to reach 3681 flights, delivering with it around 258,000 passengers. Noting that Cairo, the Kingdom and Dubai are among the top favored travel destinations.

This follows the success of Egypt being named one of the world’s fastest-growing destinations by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in December 2019. 


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