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5 Activities to Do in Sham El-Nasim If You Are Stuck at Home



We know how crowded Egypt can get during the Sham El-Nasim break, some flee the capital to spend a couple of days by the sea, some invade parks to enjoy a picnic under Cairo sun with Sham El-Nasim special food; and some of us are introverts who wouldn’t appreciate going out during occasions; and we, at WhatsUp Cairo, understand the introverted souls and the tired ones who would rather to just chill at home.

Here is a list of things you can do in Sham El-Nasim, in case you are staying home

-Binge Watch TV Series:

We have those days we are torn between being productive adults or just curl into our beds and binge watch all the good series out there. This sham ElNasim you can take Netflix and chill literally; set the mood right, so make up your bed, prepare snacks (by snacks we also mean some sham elnasim famous treats), and decide on what you are going to binge watch.

If you are not into series that much, you can check out our movie guide for some good recommendation.


Sham ElNasim day off is a legit excuse to be as lazy as you can be. You have a whole day to spend some time with yourself and relax. You can start to read a new book you have always wanted to pick up or finish the one you had no time for. You can also unleash your inner artist and color up some eggs, which is a very important Sham ElNasim tradition.  And of course, Sham Elnasim day is perfect for sleeping for as long as you please without worrying about your alarm, deadlines or your boss.

-Family Gatherings:

For those who are always absent from family gatherings due to work overload and deadlines, Sham ElNasim is a chance to catch up with all your favorite family members and spend some quality time with them. Sham El-Nasim is for family gatherings anyways.


For our lovely moving junkies out there and the ones who don’t really exercise claiming they are always busy, Sham elNasim is a chance to hit the gym and work those muscles. You can also go for a morning run around your block.


This is for party animals who are always putting up with roles as responsible adults and ditch lots of awesome parties for the sake of work and late night shifts; actually, this is for everyone, even the introverts who would like a little bit of a change. Cairo is witness lots of cool gigs all around and it is a chance to let go and party hard like there is no tomorrow.

You can check out our Events calendar and go to whatever party you like

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Public Rage Against Mohamed Ramadan Demands Banning Him From Acting Ever Again




Mohamed Ramadan

Actor Mohamed Ramadan has conquered the field of music with a number of hit songs that have been viewed by millions, the rising success of the actor/ singer is quite noticeable and not just on a national level but on an international one as well.

But every star commits a killer mistake during his career and Mohamed Ramadan was no exception, posting a picture of him in the cockpit of an airplane has caused a pilot his very own career and caused Ramadan a wave of criticism.

What’s happening right now is a massive rage from the public led by a group on Facebook that is encouraging people to boycott the star, the hashtag reads ‘#قاطعوا_محمد_رمضان’ under a group name ‘الجروب الرسمي لحملة #خليها_تنضف ضد محمد رمضان‎’

The number of members has just reached 300K! The group is filled with posts calling out his actions and the songs that are perceived to be negatively influencing the youth.

Not only is the group criticizing the star, but they are also calling for a movement against him, one that might even cause him his career! As they’re demanding to ban Mohamed Ramadan from acting ever again.

Of course, there are other opinions and other people defending the star but with this rage taking over social media, we wonder how this will affect the star’s career.

Share with us what you think of this movement, and if you’re with or against banning the star from acting again?

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Mehraganat Singers Under Fire With Public Controversy Surrounding Them




Hassan Shakosh

On the 14th of February, Famed Mehraganat singers Hassan Shakosh and Omar Kamal performed their viral song ‘Bint El Geran‘ during the Valentine’s concert that was held in Cairo Stadium.

Hell let loose after their performance and the two singers have been under fire ever since, as some criticized their performance itself while others felt disgraced to have such a song played in a significant event, especially that it includes a line that says ‘I’ll drink alcohol and smoke hash.’

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A post shared by حسن شاكوش (@hassan.shakosh) on

The two singers were then met with huge criticism and people claiming that the song goes against our culture and norms, seeing how the lyrics enforce unethical actions.

It looks like head of the Egyptian Musician’s Syndicate Hany Shaker agrees with the public as he mentioned in a press statement that the syndicate doesn’t provide memberships based solely on the applicant’s voice, but also on general conditions that must be met by the applicant.

“The Voting Test Committee is only a first stage, then the council convenes to consider the remaining conditions,” Shaker said.

It seems that Shakoush might not meet this criteria after he was met with severe judgment over his poor choice of lyrics and because of the current societal controversy.

Even though, both artists appeared together in a video and expressed their sorrow to the public, the decision of banning Mehraganat singer from performing is still out there open to discussion, it might even include Number 1 star Mohamed Ramadan!

What do we think of the decision? Well, we agree that some certain songs encourage wrong behaviors and are affecting Egyptian youth but we’re with having strict sponsorship that can review all songs before getting released. After all, this viral song in particular has been out there for too long and wasn’t criticized until public controversy took over.

So tell us, are you with or against banning Mahragnat singers from performing ever again?

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Sharmoofers Are Ready to Conquer and Go Global!




After killing it in the Middle East and North Africa, it was time for El Sharmoofer El 3azim to cross lands and oceans and answer to their international fans! So far, they rocked Toronto and New York City to shambles and are ready to ramble else where!

Starting their world tour madness, Sharmoofers served their international Sharmoofans with a splendid performance at The Opera House in Toronto, and with that marking their first show ever in Canada for the books.

Conquering Canadas freezing weather, Sharmoofers packed their bags and hit the road the very next day to New York Citys Melrose Ballroom where they spread their groovy gospel in the United States.

Sharmoofers gifted their crowd in the West with an opening act by Shadi Alfons and Khaled Mansour, SNL Arabias hilarious duo, who had warmed up the stage and got the crowd ready for the insanity that was about to follow. 

Other than the immensely powerful energies the crowd had during the tour that had celebrities including the Golden Globe winner Ramy Youssef and Squash World Champion Ramy Ashour grace the audience, the concerts were sold-out and the die-hard Sharmoofans flew and drove from neighboring states and cities around Toronto and NYC, just to see their favorite band serenade them with Sharmoofersown bombastic melodies.

All of this extravaganza, and the tour is just beginning with a Euro tour coming up shortly as well as more scheduled performances in North Africa and the Middle East!

So stay alert and ready as Sharmoofers are about to conquer the world!

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