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356 Artifacts From King Tut, Ramses II and Thutmose III Transferred to the GEM



A collection of 356 artifacts have been successfully transferred from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir to the Grand Egyptian Museum, 37 artifacts from the treasures of the Golden King Tutankhamun were among the collection and are set to be displayed on the grand staircase of the museum.

The artifacts included a pink granite statue of King Ramses II, a black one of King Thutmose III and a naos for King Nectanebo, in addition to a box of quartzite that is used in preserving canopic pots from the collection of King Thutmose III.

Significant artifacts that have been previously transferred included the statues of King Ramses II, Sekhmet and Seti, and a huge pink granite portray of Ramses VI. 

Just last week, the Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism announced that the GEM is done with restoring around 47,000 artifacts from the items in the restoration center of the Grand Egyptian Museum.

And with 50000 artifacts to be displayed, the Grand Egyptian Museum will be the largest in the world dedicated to one civilization only.


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Cairo Makes it to the List of Top Favored Destinations For Kuwaitis




According to the General Administration of Civil Aviation’s initial analysis of February, Cairo has made it to the list of top favored destinations for Kuwaitis who are seeking a getaway on their holidays.

Air Transport Observer for Aviation Operations in the General Administration of Civil Aviation, Raed al-Taher says that around 500,000 tourists are going to spend their February national holidays outside the country.

For Kuwaitis, they are used to traveling outside the country from February 20 until February 29.

Taher also added that the total number of flights at Kuwait International Airport is expected to reach 3681 flights, delivering with it around 258,000 passengers. Noting that Cairo, the Kingdom and Dubai are among the top favored travel destinations.

This follows the success of Egypt being named one of the world’s fastest-growing destinations by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in December 2019. 


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Sharm El Sheikh Finally Making Amends



Sharm El Sheikh

In 2015, things hit the fan when a bomb exploded in a Russian airline soon after take-off. This left tourists coming from abroad terrified to not only step foot in Egypt, but to also even ride an Egyptian based airline let alone have anything to do with us! Due to the Russian airline bombing incident, 224 passengers were left dead.

Which is why after a 4-year halt, Sharm el Sheikh International Airport had finally received two TUI flights coming in from UK yesterday evening. The number of passengers of the first plane was 184 whereas the second one coming in from Manchester Airport was approximately 190 passengers.

This was our chance to make amends and allow foreigners to be relaxed and comfortable with their stay as well as inside travels within the boarders of Egypt.

Mohamed Manar, Civil Aviation Minister, order airport staff to gracefully and kindly offer all services as well as to facilitate things for the passengers who had just landed.

Fortunate for us, the passengers had expressed sincere happiness upon their arrival. They were content with the staffs warm welcome, especially from their trip from the airport to the South of Sinai.

It is claimed by British Tour Operator that we are expecting to operate three flights a week from Gatwik to the Red Sea Resort until the end of March.

It is finally revealed that in mid-January, our President Abdel Fattah al Sisi and Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, had rendezvoused and had discussed details of resuming British Flights to Sharm El Sheikh. Hopefully, tourism rates will increase after beginning to welcome flights again after previous dry years.

During a meeting in London recently, both the Prime Minister and our Presedent Sisi discussed their partnership in a matter of increasing trade between the two countries, so it’s a win-win situation at the end of the day.

Do you think this desperate attempt to regain as well as increase tourism rates from foreign countries will help Egypt find stable grounds again? Ever since 2011 and the bombing incident that occurred in 2015, we haven’t been on steady grounds. Which is why this is a delightful attempt at making amends to build a better future for our country, Egypt.


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People Have the Right to See the Sea




Don’t we all love taking a trip with your family to go visit the beautiful land of Alexandria? Or maybe even go on a quick road trip with your friends to enjoy some tasty ice cream cones and have dinner at Balbaa?

The city of Alexandria is one of the things we Egyptians cherish the most. It’s a beautiful place to live in and tourists travel the world to spend one precious day by the beautiful sea. With time, the city has slowly been decaying because of the harsh weather and because of the people mistreating the streets and areas. Which is why Alexandria needs this chance to become a better cleaner city and come back even stronger than it ever was before!

Image result for alexandria slum areas

You’d be excited to hear that there are new plans set in store to take place in 2030 that promises a newer and better Alexandria. As much as it is a marvelous city, slum areas are the main reason why people get uncomfortable in Alexandria. Which is why Alexandria is saying au revoir to slum areas!

There are around 7 slum areas in the heart of Alexandria, imagine a world where all these areas are reconstructed and modernized? The governorate is promised to be transformed along the coming years to truly be a major touristic attraction hence promoting for tourism.

Image result for alexandria slum areas

Due to there having been several conflicts over construction violations years before 2011, the Alexandrian Governor Mohamed El Sherief stressed on adjusting legal positions as well as respecting the laws and regulations given to them.

On a brighter note, it was said during the governor’s interview with Extra Nile Satellite that a part of the plan to renovate and enhance Alexandria is to develop electrical and sanitation services as well as planting more trees, properly paving the streets and even installing street lights. We all know how much Alexandria is in need of this change!

The campaign has already commenced since December by removing barrier blocks that are haphazardly scattered along the infamous corniche.

License renewal as new laws will be set in motion to preserve the view which is the main reason people visit Alexandria.

We’re all looking forward to a better cleaner city to grow and evolve in only a matter of 10 years. The wait may seem long but I promise you this, time flies and the wait is worth it! The motive behind this entire move is that people have the right to see the sea, and with that said, let the change commence!


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