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25 Reasons We Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Generation Y



What is Generation Y, you ask? Who the hell are Millennials? Well, opinions do vary in this area, A LOT. Some say the words are meant for those born between 1982 and 2004, others say it’s 1977 and 1994 and another opinion states that it’s between 1978 and 1998. So basically, what I get is that a millennial or a person who belongs to Generation Y has to have reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century. And here are all the reasons why this generation is exceptional but also totally whack.

1. We know too much, we read too much, we listen too eagerly, we ask too curiously, we cry too hard, we feel too deeply.

2. Sadness turns into depression on a whim, love turns into a “temporary phase” in a few weeks.

3. Existential dread is the accessory we wear the most now, I don’t think we even know how to take it off.

4. We’re in search of something that none of us really knows what it is.

5.We are too scarred and we are too bruised.

6.We are angry at ourselves and at those who have come before us.

7.We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders everywhere we go.

8.The sadder we are, the louder our laughs.

9.We are all undiagnosed children putting on a front of “I got my shit together more than you do”.

10.We’re stressed as fuck, we feel pressured by everything and everyone around us.

11.We live too fast but are all afraid of dying alone.

12.We are all perfectionists, critics and ass kissers.

13.We are the product of a flawed system.

14.We’ve been wronged and we’ve been taken for fools.

15.We are rage and we are wrath.

16.We’re the ones with the big dreams and the little faith.

17.We’re the mad brains with the happy faces.

18.We are the change they hate.

19.We are the questions they were too afraid to ask.

20.We are the sum of an equation that doesn’t make sense.

21.We are the ones who pay for their fuck ups.

22.We are the ones who wake up everyday wishing we never did.

23.We’re the loud noise in the background and the painting you decided not to hang on your wall.

24.But most of all, we are the ones who defined survival in the modern world.

25.We’re so fucking brave, it’s insane. And we’re so fucking passionate, it keeps them up at night.

And then you ask us what we want most in life, and all we say is “we want to be happy”.

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AU commissioner Amani Abou-Zeid Chosen Among 100 Influential Women in Africa




The leading PR and Rating firm ‘Advance Media‘ has included Dr. Amani Abouzeid, African Union Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy H.E. in the list of 100 Most Influential African Women in 2019.

This is gives up such pride as Dr. Abou-Zeid is the only Egyptian woman to be selected in this prestigious list that features inspirational women of whom are considered to have done an outstanding job in inspiring the next generation of African women.

The list represent 100 women from 35 different African countries, who are contributing positively in the community and are changing the feminine narrative.

The list includes presidents, diplomats, board chairs, CEOs, commissioners, scholars, politicians and philanthropists, notable among them are: Ethiopia’s President H.E. Sahle-Work Zewde, Liberia’s Vice President H.E. Jewel Taylor, Namibia’s Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dr Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila, United Nations Deputy Secretary General H.E. Amina J. Mohammed and former presidents, H.E. Ellen Sirleaf Johnson and H.E. Catherine Samba-Panza. 

In addiction to featuring young female activists such as AU Youth Envoy Aya Chebbi, Farida Bemba Nabourema and Ilwad Elman.

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‘Bela Plastic’: Initiative Launched in Dahab To Limit The Use of Plastic




Bela Plastic‘ campaign is an initiative launched in Dahab in an effort to protect the environment and marine life in Dahab.

President of the City Council of Dahab, Tarak El-Baz announced the launch of the initiative in early July, the campaign will include workshops and trainings to help raise awareness about the danger that plastic use impose on the marine life. These workshops will be targeted towards the hotels and restaurants, where plastic is most used.

Moreover, banners and warning signs will be placed across the city of Dahab as another way of spreading awareness and caution to tourists. What’s even more impressive is that volunteer tourism organizations and a number of dive centers will take part in the initiative by cleaning up the beaches of Dahab.

Such a remarkable step follows a decision that was taken three months ago by Governor Ahmed Abdullah to ban the single-use plastic in the Red Sea governorate. 

Another initiative was launched in South Sinai reserve called “Khali al-Bahar Yetnafes”, also targeting the hotels and resorts. Aiming to raise more awareness on the critical issue of single-use plastic.

We hope to see the results of these initiatives very soon, and for the outcome to be apparent in the next few months, especially with Dahab being a touristic destination for its environment and stunning marine life that attracts many tourists, preserving its sites is certainly a must.



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The Nile Branch of Gold’s Gym Partially Drowns




Footage of the fitness center Gold’s Gym collapsing and partially drowning in the Nile is currently circulating the social media!

No further information of the incident was provided and no injuries have been reported so far, hopefully everyone got out safely during the evacuation.



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