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10 Beauty Hacks Using Vaseline To Up Your Routine



Vaseline is known as a great moisturizer but what some of you don’t know is that it actually does more than just that! Vaseline can be added to many of your beauty routine.

Here are some of the beauty hacks of Vaseline!

Remove Lash Glue

Fake lashes are amazing until it;s time you remove the glue off your lashes! If you’re struggling with it, just use a dab of Vaseline and it will do the trick.

Use it Instead of A Highlighter!

Did you know that some Vaseline on your cheekbones will have the light bounding off of them! So if you’re in a hurry or can’t afford a highlighter, just use Vaseline instead.

For Hair Dye

If you dye your hair at home but it gets messy at times! Run a thin layer of Vaseline around your hairline and that will prevent the hair dye from reaching your skin.

Fix Your Powder Eyeshadow

Broken Eyeshadow? No problem! Add some Vaseline to your powder eyeshadow and then mix the two together on the back of your hands which will turn the shadow to cream, then using a brush, apply it gently to your eyes.

For Flawless Manicures

Just like with the hair dye, by applying a little Vaseline around your nails, it will keep the nail polish away from your skin and will help you apply it flawlessly.

Use it As A Mascara

Apply a little jelly to your lash line and it will give you the same thick-looking lashes. You can even skip the mascara if you’d like.

Make your perfume last Longer 

Apply a dab of Vaseline on your wrists and behind your ears before you spray your perfume and it will help the scent stick to those areas so that you stay refreshed all day.

Tame Your Baby Hair

Add a small amount of Vaseline to your hair to tame those baby hairs and treat dry ends. But be careful not to add too much because an excessive amount can make your hair look greasy.

Use it as Makeup Remover

Vaseline is much softer on your skin and is a great way to remove your makeup with, us a washcloth with a small amount and remove your makeup with it. This will also hydrate your skin.

Heal Chapped Lips

Vaseline already has a great lip balm, but you can also use it as a base in lip scrubs. This will come in handy during winter.

So! We’re sure that you already have a jar of Vaseline at home so start trying out these hacks and tell us which works best for you!


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Health & Beauty

Pharmaceutical company ‘Pharco’ to Locally Manufacture the Covid-19 Vaccine




Pharmaceutical company ‘Pharco’ is planning on locally manufacturing the novel Covid-19 vaccine, with the aim of exporting it to Africa, head of the firm, Sherin Helmy announced on Monday.

“We have been working on finding more than one alternative for anti-Covid-19 vaccines in Egypt since the outbreak of the pandemic so we can negotiate the price later. If the coronavirus wave exacerbated, the wealthy countries will be the most demanding and competing over the vaccines. Hence, it was important for Egypt to diversify the sources of treatments between China and Russia,” Helmy told Youm7.

She also explained that around 70% of drugs that are used in Africa are imported, which costs a lot of the hard currency. This brings the need for agreements with African nations to establish pharmaceutical plants on their own territories.

So far, the company has 7 pharmaceutical plants in Egypt, one of then is near the Egyptian-Japanese University in Alexandria.

The company has already succeeded in manufacturing the drugs used in treating Hepatitis C, which helped in treating millions of patients.

It has also established the first factory in Egypt for locally manufacturing raw pharmaceutical materials.

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Egypt Secures a Share From the Covid-19 Vaccine




Hope rose when pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced that its Covid-19 vaccine has shown great effectiveness even better than what experts predicted and with such great news, Egypt officials came to assure the public that Egypt will be among the first countries to get its hand on the vaccine once approved.

Gehan Al-Assal, deputy head of the Health Ministry’s Scientific Committee to Combat Coronavirus, said that once the vaccine is fully approved, Egypt will be one of the first countries to get the vaccine after passing the third phase of Covid-19 testing.

“Pfizer has to demonstrate the vaccine’s effectiveness on patients, its side effects, and its impact on patients with chronic underlying conditions,” said Al-Assal.

So far, the vaccine has been approved by the World Health Organization, but it’s still waiting for approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. After getting the FDA’s approval in a few days, Egypt will receive a share from the vaccine right away.

“The government has contracted for 30 million doses to be delivered as a first batch,” said Megahed. He noted, however, that it is still too early to determine what kind of vaccine Egypt will use. “The Chinese vaccine has been tried now on more than 45,000 Egyptian volunteers and the results are promising,” Khaled Megahed, official spokesman to the Ministry of Health said.

Also worth mentioning is that according to Minister Hala Zayed, Egypt also reserved 30% from Oxford’s vaccine. She also added that there is no shortage in the medicines that help in fighting off the virus.

Egypt has participated in two clinical trials for Covid-19 vaccines and established are 61 labs for PCR testing for travelers.

So far, everything looks promising and we hope that a vaccine can soon end this fright once and for all.

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Health & Beauty

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Beat it With Early Detection




As October is coming to an end, we want to shed the light on a topic of great significance that you should be aware of, not just this month but all year long.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and before it comes to an end, we want to remind you of why early detection is everything!

The annual international campaign that takes place every October aims at educating more women about breast cancer, as well as raising funds for further research to study the illness.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women worldwide, with at least 2.1 million women affected each year and the aim here is to limit this number as much as possible!

Risk factors include a family history of breast cancer and genetic mutations. Some harmful habits like smoking and obesity could be of lifestyle factors.

The good news is that most women can beat the cancer if it’s detected and treated early. What follows is what you need to know about the sickness and early diagnosis.

Beat the Disease With Early Diagnosis

Screening and early detections can help you beat the disease. It’s crucial to do exams and tests before even showing any symptoms, you don’t want to wait for them to show.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, when breast cancer is detected early and hasn’t spread to anywhere else in the body, the 5-year relative survival rate is 99 percent.

The cancer found during these early screenings are more likely to minimal and still to confined to the breast. The next step would be to determine the size of the cancer and how far it has spread to predict the prognosis (outlook) of a woman with this disease.

What Should You Do?

Make no excuses! Talk to health care providers about the risk factors, understand the frequency of receiving mammograms, and it’s your role to advice older family members to do screenings and tests.

Lower your risk of getting the cancer by staying within a healthy weight and be physically active. Avoid alcohol and choose to breast-feed, quit smoking and vaping.

How To Perform a Breast Self-Exam?

In the shower, in front of a mirror or laying down, use the flats of your 3 middle fingers and check the entire beast along with the armpit area, press down with light, medium, and firm pressure.

Check both breasts each month feeling for any lump, thickening, hardened knot, or any other breast changes.

If you or someone you care about want to do an early checkup, visit Baheya’s Facebook page to learn more about the foundation.

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