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8 Affordable Spots in Heliopolis With the Best Food & Drinks



8 affordable place in heliopolis

Heliopolisers! This one’s for you, it’s for all the times you find yourself stuck without a nearby place to run to when you need to grab a bite or go for drinks with friends. We didn’t include the extra fancy sites, though, we tried to make this as simple and as affordable as possible. Enjoy!

1. Il Mulino

Alcohol: no

Il Mulino is the number 1 go-to spot for Heliopolis residents for these reasons: It has fast wifi, a menu with a wide variety of choices, a really nice bakery and pastry, an outdoor area, a smoking area, a smoking-free area & finally, an extremely friendly staff.

2. The Kiosk Burger

Alcohol: no

The Kiosk Burger is a very chill place in Almaza that specializes in mouthwatering burgers that you can add nearly anything to, toppings wise. They also have a community table, a concept that isn’t very common in Egypt but, definitely should be,

3. Yokal

Alcohol: no

Yokal is a place famous for its perfect mini Sojouk & Kebda sandwiches. The menu isn’t that sizeable but the food is yummaaaay.

4. Tree Trunk

Alcohol: no

Tree Trunk is the ultimate Bohemian Sanctuary located in the heart of Korba. Wherever you decide to sit, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful pieces of art. The place is spacious, dimly lit, has an outdoor balcony area, a great menu! though I’d suggest more beverages & fast wifi. I definitely 100% recommend the mussels pasta!

5. Il Divino Pizzaria

Alcohol: Yes

Il Divino is a really nice new pizza place in Korba that opened up about 2 months ago, following the success of the original Zamalek branch. The pizza is top-notch! And you can have a beer with it, too!

6. Zarour

Alcohol: no

Zarour is the coolest Lebanese spot in Masr El Gedeeda. Great food, huge menu and a friendly staff. The only thing I don’t like about this place is that they play NOTHING but Fairouz. Try their chicken mesahab dish, it’s delish!

7. The Wire

Alcohol: yes

The Wire is a cozy bar located in Korba. It’s not the most spacious but it’s definitely affordable. The place mostly plays rock music: good but the music’s always so loud: bad. I love The Wire but I wish it was less crowded.

8. Mahraja

Mahraja is definitely the best place to devour Indian in Heliopolis. I can’t even begin to talk about how good the food is! The herbs and the sauces, YUMMMMM! And don’t forget to order their special coconut ice-cream that comes in a coconut shell after you finish eating.


May Yacoubi: Cooking up the perfect bond with her daughter




Mother’s day is approaching, it’s a day to reflect on all the wonderful things that our mothers have done for us, and better yet, it is a time to show appreciation for them by giving back a fair amount of gratitude and love. So seeing that this is the month for all women, we are shedding the light on several working moms who are doing their best to keep up between both their jobs and homes.

Our first interview is with Chef May Yacoubi and her daughter Leen, this time we did things a bit different, and it was more of a competition than it was of an interview.

We sat down with both the mother and daughter, asked them questions about each other that tested how much they truly know one another. The results are obvious but it was definitely a fun way to get to know them.

The first question is their favourite meal, which they both got right. Leen’s favorite is anything with teriyaki sauce in it, while May’s favorite is Asian food, African and basically all food.

Who wouldn’t want to have a superpower? Well, basically everyone especially moms, and Leen believes that her mom’s superpower is cooking and baking. While May tells us that if Leen got to choose a superpower, she would choose to help animals and clean the ocean. An extra point goes to Leen for being such an environmentalist, and a point goes to May for raising such a helpful, inspiring daughter.
The point was shortly taken from May for wrong guessing Leen’s favorite color, but well, seeing how the girl is all about the environment, we would have also guessed it’s green.

On the other hand, Leen’s answer was just heartwarming, ‘Her favorite color is green, especially because it brings out her eyes.’
The one thing they both agreed that they have in common is their love for cooking, baking and how picky they are when it comes to food.

May also shared with us her feeling when she found out she’s pregnant, she says as her first child, she was happy and then she got scared a bit, but shortly after, that feeling turned into excitement and she started counting down the days.

Her husband shared the exact same feeling, ‘you’re never really ready to be a mom or a dad.” She added.
Their choice for the name has the cutest story behind it, May told us that she had her mind set on the name Leen since she was ten, and when she first met her husband and told him this, he shared with her that on a trip to Syria, he met this lovely little girl named Leen, and he, as well, had his mind set on this name ever since.

When asked how she balance between her career and being a good mom, she told us that you always try your best to be a good mom, and that she delayed the launch of her business until her younger son turned one year.
As for the thing that they enjoy doing together the most is cooking, and May told us that the first thing they have cooked together was pizza, which they later cooked for us.

May’s last advice was for moms to never forget to spend quality time with their kids, because sometimes they may get busy raising them, that they would neglect spending this quality time together. What she did was find a common hobby, and now Leen has obtained such a knowledge about cooking and food; seeing how she was practically raised in a kitchen.

“Happy Mother’s day, month, year, every day is a mother’s day.”

Special thanks goes to both TBS Kitchen and Rays, for having us and hosting the interview.

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5 places that serve the best burgers in town




Burgers started to taste like actual beef when it became more than just a fast food meal, and now burger places are stuffed with people who appreciate fine gourmet. These restaurants are dominating the burger scene, and are constantly offering new toppings, new flavors and new burger inventions that appeal to the taste buds of foodaholics.

The following is a list of must try restaurants, for those of you who appreciate real meat.


The restaurant was praised years ago by one of the US biggest magazines, the Time. Not only was it casually mentioned, but the title also read ‘The world’s best hamburger is in Egypt.” So yeah, from all the states of America, the writer fell for Lucille’s burgers, and so will you!

Where: Maadi


2. Daddy’s burger

Targeting the ones with a good appetite and a stomach for real food. Daddy’s burger offers the juiciest burgers, and are also known for their cheese generosity. Besides their cheese filled burgers, they offer you a jar of cheese, so your burgers are stuffed and covered for cheese lovers! Too much cheese in a sentence? Well, so are their burgers!

Where: New Cairo, Nasr City, Sheikh Zayed


3. Country Hills

One of Alexandria’s famous restaurants finally made its way to Cairo with its delicious American food, the burgers are rich with ingredients and you can even order your burgers as double-patties. The restaurant is also known for its deep-dish pizzas, inspired from Chicago’s signature dish.

Where: Sheikh Zayed, Heliopolis


4. Willy’s kitchen

When asked about the size I want, I went for medium. But what came was a definite large to me! The sizes won’t disappoint and neither will the prices. A personal favorite is the Smoked House BBQ burger and their chili fries is a must side.

Where: Nasr City, Ad doqi


5. Maison Thomas

The restaurant is known for making the tastiest pizzas in town, and is now offering homemade juicy and fresh burgers, and they honestly exceeded expectations.

Where: Zamalek, Heliopolis, Rehab, Kattameya



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Is Egypt Experiencing Shortage in Potatoes?




Egypt’s authorities are stepping in to fight a potato shortage that has caused prices for the staple to double at a time when Egyptians are struggling with steadily rising food costs.

Certain newspapers and TV stations have been publicising raids on warehouses where authorities say businessmen are hoarding potatoes to try to drive up prices. While for the first time, the Interior Ministry has begun selling potatoes at reduced prices at temporary outlets, drawing long lines of customers.

Let’s wait and see how we’ll be able to tackle this one. Hopefully, we’ll get ourselves out of this one same way we have with other things.

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